Tuition: Courses-1 semester (12 weeks), £ 5000. Accommodation-£ 1706 per semester. Scholarships for outstanding students

This major designs a large number of performance activities, allowing students to discover new performance skills and inspiration in continuous practice, helping students to become professional musicians step by step.

The orchestra conductor major mainly cooperates with the Academy Orchestra RWCMD Symphony Orchestra, and students have many opportunities for rehearsals and performances on and off campus.

The College places great emphasis on developing students' professional skills and musical skills. The school's main courses include ensemble skills and chamber music learning. The college regularly hosts lunchtime concerts, master classes and seminars for students. In the second and third undergraduate programs, the college offers lectures on promotions, career planning and business skills.


The purpose of this is to familiarize students with the professional skills of various genres of jazz, so that they can develop a new soul of jazz, performance procedures and sequence programming. At the same time, students will also learn about composition, arrangement and other subjects.

Undergraduate major

Stage management

This professional course training covers a full range of composition skills, and through personal experience and professional courses, tailor-made personalized teaching solutions for students. Let students focus their experience and learn from the strengths of their classmates.

This major was opened in September 2019 and is considered a new major. This major is based on the connection between the school and the National Theatre of Wales and offers a variety of training and practical opportunities related to opera performances.



Graduate Program

Stage management This professional team of students conducts a lot of practical skills training, including stage design, drama management and so on. Students can work in drama management, stage design, costume and lighting design, and crew management.

The center of this professional teaching is the study of various jazz genres, including standard jazz and rehearsals of contemporary world repertoire.

The Royal Welsh School of Music and Drama (RWCMD) is located in Cardiff, the capital of Wales. It is one of the most popular cities for students in the UK. It has a first-rate environment and the lowest crime rate in the UK. It welcomes more than 5,000 overseas students every year.

Opera show

Two-year full-time / one-year part-time course

In 2002 the queen awarded the college the "Royal" title. It is one of the 9 largest conservatories in the UK and one of the 5 conservatories awarded the "Royal" title. It is also sponsored by Prince of Wales. Conservatory in the UK and the largest All-Steinway piano.

Application deadline

The deadline in previous years was October 1.

Art management

IELTS: Undergraduate 5.5, Graduate 5.5-7.0



Entry Requirements

For students in this major, they will be engaged in the management of the art industry in the future. This major is established for this purpose, teaching students the professional qualities they need in this industry, and how to pinch the confidence and knowledge of the industry leader .


At present, the main instructor of this major is the conductor Robert Childs, who is the most recognized and accomplished teacher in the field of command in his country.

Orchestra conductor

Jazz music