The university's white building flashed between treetops, with a clear outline and quite spectacular. Overlooking the campus, the Wallis Monument commemorates William Wallace, a famous warrior who dedicated himself to Scottish independence; he won the war in the 13th century. This area retains the sacred steles of Scottish history, and people who love history come here in admiration. In addition, the Sterling campus has been described by police as one of the safest campuses in the UK.


Location and surroundings

The University of Stirling (also known as the University of Stirling) was established in 1967 with the authorization of the Queen of England. The University of Stirling is located in the very heart of Scotland Lin, Sterling and Abern Sterling combine the charm of a historic city and a busy modern city. They are related to the two legendary Scottish heroes, William Wallance and Robert the Bruce, plus the medieval royal castle. All make Sterling look mysterious. Sterling is also one of the regions where the cost of living in the UK is very low. The editor of Li Sichen studying abroad 360 will introduce you to this picturesque University of Stirling!

The city of Stirling has convenient transportation. International students usually fly to London, Edinburgh or Glasgow Airport. It takes about an hour from Glasgow and Edinburgh airports to Sterling. There are short flights between London and Glasgow or Edinburgh. Frequent bus services link the university to the city of Sterling. Sterling's rail services are punctual, clean and efficient, connecting Glasgow and Edinburgh respectively; there are also direct trains to London, Perth and Aberdeen.

The University of Stirling is about three kilometers from the historic city of Stirling, which has a population of 40,000. The castle in Sterling was once the royal palace of the King of Scotland. Nearby is the site of the ancient battlefield in Bannockburn; in 1314 Robert the Bruce defeated the English army three times as much. The University of Sterling's Bridge of Allan campus is built on the shores of Lake Airthrey, surrounded by the steep, wooded Ochil Mountains.


The University of Stirling campus is picturesque. The university is built on a hill with a beautiful lake in the center. There is also an 18th-century old castle on the campus, designed by one of Europe's greatest architects.