The college entrance examination in 2019 has also entered the countdown, and the scene of thousands of horses crossing the wooden bridge will be staged again. In fact, many parents started paying attention to going to the UK for undergraduate studies when their children were in the first year or even the third year of high school. Some parents chose to send their children to the UK for preparatory studies after the junior college entrance examination, and some parents hope that their children will go through the college entrance examination in China Go out.


Queen's University, also known as Queen's University Belfast, was founded in 1845 in the Victorian era. It is located in Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, and has a long history of teaching and research. It has outstanding academic achievements and is the tenth oldest in Britain. One of the universities is a member of the famous Ivy League school Russell Group University in the United Kingdom. It is a world leader in academic research and education. Known as the "Oxford Cambridge" of Northern Ireland


Queen's University Belfast recognizes college entrance examination

For a GCSE subject that requires B major, the high school entrance examination score of the subject must be not less than 80%

Specific requirements are as follows

Majors who require A-Level mathematics require that the college entrance examination scores in mathematics and physics must be no less than 80%

Queen's University of Belfast begins accepting college entrance examination results for undergraduate freshman

Queen's University of Belfast announced on December 19, 2019: "We are very pleased to announce this news, Queen's University officially accepts China's college entrance examination results for admission to the undergraduate freshman year."

Advantage specialty:

Meet the standard English entry requirements for the corresponding undergraduate majors at Queen's University.

For those majors who require A-Level subjects, the score of the college entrance examination must also be no less than 75%

English requirements:

Medical and dental professions do not accept applications with college entrance examination results.

Introduction of Li Sichen Studying abroad 360. In the past, when senior high school ended, they could only go to the pre-undergraduate degree because domestic students had 12 years of high school education and 13 years in the United Kingdom. Study life.

Academic requirements:

75% or higher in the college entrance examination

Pharmacy, architecture and environmental planning, electrical engineering, civil engineering, anthropology, physics, aerospace and mechanical engineering, urban planning, law, social sciences, education, English literature, psychology and other majors.

For a GCSE subject that requires a C major, the high school entrance examination score of the subject must be not less than 75%

If the total score of the college entrance examination score reaches 75%, but the college entrance examination score that has a single subject requirement for A-Level does not meet the relevant single subject requirement (75% or 80%), the academic department will make a final ruling.