Bachelor Degree Program:

2005-was named the UK National Excellent Teaching Centre, and received a government grant of 6.3 million pounds;

2008-UK's official higher education research assessment (RAE)-"Business and Management" major entered the top 5 of the UK's 38 modern universities;

2002-one of the 50 leading European business schools in Europe ("Europe's Best Business School Guide" published by McGraw-Hill)

Course Introduction:

The University of Middlesex School of Business is listed as one of the largest business schools in the UK. In the 1960s, the earliest courses in the field of business research were established with a long history, and it has entered the top 50 European business schools. Being named one of the 50 leading business schools in Europe is a testament to its superiority. At the same time, Middlesex University's MBA program is accredited by the British MBA Professional Association. Only 20 of the more than 200 MBA courses in the UK are recognized, which also shows its professionalism and authority. It is evaluated in the official QAA The subjects of business, management education and other subjects received an almost full evaluation and were rated as "excellent".

The purpose of this course is to develop students 'multiple business skills and the ability to deal with various complex business problems in today's international society, to be able to cope with the constantly changing business environment, and to improve students' decision-making ability and operating systems in different international Practical ability.


Business school

2004-The famous British education newspaper "Guardian" ranked 19th;

One of the largest business schools in the UK. In the 1960s, the earliest courses in business research were offered;


2003-Middlesex University became the only university in the UK to receive the "International Trade Award";

Introduction of HND to Undergraduate Courses

Bachelor of International Business Administration

Official QAA evaluation-subjects such as business and management education received almost full marks and were rated as "excellent";

This course is a management degree course and is suitable for students with a Diploma in Business Studies. Bachelor's degree pathways tailored for HND students and college students (three years). They bring together the knowledge of various business areas learned by students in an international context for study and research.

The "Master of Human Resource Management" was specially recommended by the British National Broadcasting Station (BBC) for three postgraduate courses in the UK that received the prestigious CIPD qualification (the other two are: LSE, Portsmouth).

Course advantages: