For a long time, Lunan District has taken the training and construction of teachers as the fundamental, strengthened measures, made solid progress, and improved training in multiple channels and directions. It has created a group of well-known principals and teachers. The position has won honors for Tangshan Education and greatly improved the overall teaching level of the teachers in Lunan District. (Correspondent Tian Yuxin)

Establish a backbone teacher training model of "Famous Teacher Leading, Knowledge and Action"

Establishing a "special project, precise assistance" ordering teacher-in-command mode

In order to help the recruiting teachers take the first step in their career development, Lunan District promotes a new teacher training model combining "thematic lectures + follow-up practice + returning to teaching and research". The 26 early childhood teachers newly recruited in 2019 will first receive special training from a training team composed of preschool education experts and key teachers at the provincial and municipal levels. They will focus on receiving relevant knowledge training such as teacher morality and preschool education majors, with the aim of training advanced education. Philosophy, build people, improve professionalism. The follow-up practice session lasted for 6 days. The new teacher paired with the outstanding teacher of the second demonstration school of Tangshan in the provincial demonstration park. They started from a routine day and learned practical operation skills. New teachers apply what they have learned to practice and reflect on it. Finally, the new teacher can take up the post only after the appraisal of the internship tutor and the unit. After this series of training and infiltration, new teachers quickly adapted to the role transformation and became "affordable" and "stand-up" qualified teachers.

Beginning in 2019, Lunan District will carry out teaching work for famous teachers. The lectures and lessons delivered by famous teachers not only sent new teaching concepts and methods to front-line teachers, but also provided great help to the growth of the famous teachers themselves. In order to make the education more targeted and better solve practical problems. Lunan District gave the initiative to choose learning content to the grass-roots schools and teachers, "need and give, give and give." Each famous teacher lists the "menu" according to his or her major and subject, and the grassroots school "orders" according to his own needs. As of 2019, there are 108 district-level teachers teaching under the school, demonstration courses, special lectures, interpretation of new courses and new textbooks, guidance on review methods for the middle and high school entrance examinations, etc. are diverse and rich in content, and have solved many practical problems encountered in teacher education and teaching. The famous teachers also keep growing in exchanges.

It is understood that there are 2,295 teachers at all levels in Lunan District. The remote training for all teachers involves a wide range of participants and a large number of participants. In order to ensure the quality of the training, a team of administrators at the district and school levels has been established. The tower-shaped management structure of hierarchical management and hierarchical responsibility is adopted to ensure that all teachers complete the learning tasks smoothly. In order to improve the effectiveness of training and avoid “hook-on-hearing” in a formal way, Lunan District combines online learning with school-based training, teaching and scientific research activities, and conducts accurate training through expert video lectures, teaching and research exchange experiences, and lectures. To promote the transformation of learning and practice results.

In 2019, the multi-channel and multi-mode training of teachers in Lunan District of Tangshan City has achieved remarkable results. A number of training results have ranked first in the city, injecting new vitality into the construction of Lunan Educational Heights.

Constructing a new teacher training model of "thematic lecture + follow-up practice + return to teaching and research"

Over the years, Lunan District has relied on the school-based training and the provincial training program to adhere to the training mode of “combining online training with centralized face-to-face training, combining off-job rotation training with school-based research training, and combining external experts with high-quality resources in the district”. Improve the quality of teacher training. In 2019, Lunan District adhered to the problem-oriented approach, focused on "change", focused on "difficulty", and targeted "use", and formed "all-person network training, new teacher induction training, backbone teacher training, and famous teachers." The multi-dimensional and three-dimensional composite teacher training system for the special training on ordering meals has distinctive regional training features, which has injected new vitality into the construction of Lunan Educational Heights.

Construction of "Internet +" remote training mode for all employees

In 2019, Lunan District launched the fifth batch of district-level backbone teacher selection and training projects, implemented the "Lunan District Implementation Plan for Training of District-level Backbone Teacher Training Objects," and selected, identified, and trained 116 district-level backbone teachers. Lunan District has hired scholars and experts from provinces and cities to provide guidance for key teachers. After the centralized training, the backbone teachers achieved outstanding results through independent training, display exchanges, and post-training reflections, and became the backbone of radiation to drive the growth of other teachers, truly achieving the training effectiveness of “training one, affecting one school, driving one”. The backbone teacher training project of Lunan District has ideas, promotion, measures, implementation and effectiveness. It has made a special report in Hebei Daily and promoted it in the province.

According to the statistics of Hebei Province's online training platform, in 2019, all kindergarten teachers in elementary and middle schools in Hebei Province will be trained remotely by 273 teachers in the non-compulsory education section of Lunan District, with a learning rate of 100% and a total average of 80 points. The city's first place; 1,914 teachers at the compulsory education stage participated in the training, and the learning rate, passing rate and passing rate of practical assignments were all 100%, and the total score ranked first in the city.