In preparation for the anxiety of the middle class, in addition to not being able to get a hukou and unable to afford a house, the highest rate of appearances is that they cannot find the target. After graduating, we regretfully lost the privilege that “poor students can find a girlfriend to take a walk under the moon and slowly develop their feelings”, and even before graduating, they began to face the cruel marriage market.

I. Prepare for the indignation of the middle class

The recent grievances of 985 and 211 young people are a sign of "post-development problems". This kind of mass resentment is first manifested by the vertical break in the path of "normalization". Generally speaking, with the same intelligence and ability, ten years ago, you can bite your teeth and work hard, and you can also have a decent life in super-first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. After ten years, I found it no longer working. Why? Actually, the possibility of opposition between the middle class and the middle class is already contained here. The middle class, which has been normalized ten years ago, may now be the main force against the college entrance examination in other places. Who are they essentially opposing?

In a discussion with a student in the Chinese Department, Hu Yanrui, he said:

The rich and kind middle class is curled up in a beautiful new world. When consumption cannot satisfy their spirit, modern superstitions, cow ghosts and snake gods, such as Chaoyang Rinpoche, which has been passed on as jokes, begin to appear. Nietzsche hated these weak, mediocre "last men" a hundred years ago, but why did they become the ideal of a society's life?

"From the perspective of the process, the difficulty of preparing the middle class not only exists now. Back in the days of our fathers, work was allotted, and the proportion of successfully staying in big cities and becoming a middle class was not less than contemporary. But contemporary youth But it is more able to express this anxiety. It cannot be denied that in the era of capital spread, it is becoming more difficult to break down the barriers of the class. However, behind this is the development of information, which has caused the preparation of the middle class, or it is impossible for the middle class to be blind at this time. Pursue a higher class life.

"In this expression of anxiety, the real underlying voice is ignored, often forming the illusion that the Chinese problem is the Beijing problem. The media and knowledge are controlled, which leads to the flattening of social problems in the public view. In fact, From the perspective of China as a whole, Beijing is still fortunate. The reason why Beijing can be anxious is also the result of the development of transportation and information. It has allowed countless people to stand here and try to abandon China behind and look forward to a new China. "

But in this era when the channels for preparing for normalization are stagnated, the cultural industry finds that unrealistic illusions will threaten the increasingly solid structure, so it begins to seek wisdom from the ancient world, and the family ’s love consensus for re-emerging into the middle class is lost in the circle of friends. Spread it out loud. In order not to appear so naked, the attributive phrase "spiritual" or the use of "equal rivalry" will be added, but its essence cannot be changed. It still twitches and says that money can't buy love, but the respected looks, dress, education, temperament, and vision in the middle-class film and television works are still essentially derivatives of the class lifestyle. Love is replaced by consumption. Consumption ability depends on the class. The lipstick economy named "Chopping Men" is beginning to sweep the circle of friends as an example.

The author is a master of journalism from Peking University

As my classmates have said, the middle class and the pre-middle class, who make up only a dozen percent of the population, control the media and knowledge. Through the preaching of the cultural industry, their way of life has become a model of modern life. Travel, food, photography, cafes, marathons, etc. The media have stunned our imagination of a good life and also made "the blind people who can't be blind at all." Pursue a 'higher' class life. "At the same time, the workers and peasants who occupy the majority of the population are marginalized and exiled in the media. They can only return to the scene as the bottom of the hand, withered rural areas, and extremely poor laid-off workers to meet the middle class. The ritual sympathy of the class, and secret congratulations.

The "rectification" mechanism failed, and two fences were set up between the middle class and the pre-middle class in super-first-tier cities: hukou and real estate. If China's housing market collapses and Beijing's hukou system is abolished, which group of people will suffer most? Middle class. Therefore, on the issue of social mobility, the middle class has become the strongest defender of the existing social structure and its values. When the middle class is prepared for despair, it is also the most determined opponent of this set of things. If this hypothesis holds, then we can foresee that there may be a hedge in the public opinion field in the future.

Although in every era, there are superior men who seize sexual power through status and wealth, and others marry and funeral within their own class, we invent love in literature and art, and bridge the class divide in imagination. Modern society promises freedom. In an era of sufficient social mobility, class transitions and free love can be achieved at the same time. At that time, Lei Yuemen was expected, and the Phoenix man was not stigmatized. In the same period, the myth of free love in mass production by the cultural industry was not only to cover the class divide, but also a reflection of social structure and psychology.