Source: China Youth Daily (November 27, 2019 03 edition)

Beijing, November 26, by this newspaper (China Youth Daily · Zhongqing Online Reporter Qiu Chenhui) As the national quantum confidential communication backbone network, the "Quantum Confidential Communication Beijing-Shanghai Trunk Line" will be extended to Wuhan and the first commercial extension line of the trunk line will be constructed . This is the news that the reporter learned from China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation on November 25. At the 2019 Wuhan · China Optics Valley Laser Technology and Industrial Development Innovation Forum held recently, the Group ’s Fourth Research Institute and related parties signed the “Quantum Confidential Communication“ Wuhe Trunk Line ”Project Framework Agreement” “Wuhan Quantum Confidential Communication Metropolitan Area Network” Project Cooperation Framework Agreement.

According to the agreement, the "Wuhe Trunk Line" (Wuhan-Hefei Quantum Confidential Communication Trunk Line) is the first commercial extension of the national "Quantum Confidential Communication Beijing-Shanghai Trunk Line" project, which will be an important part of China's quantum confidential communication backbone network and is the realization of Quantum secure communication services, and basic projects for the construction of Wuhan urban circle nodes and urban agglomerations in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River.

According to Wu Xiaofeng, deputy director of the Fourth Academy of Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, the institute will also take the construction and operation of quantum communication inter-city trunks and metropolitan area networks as the platform, with Wuhan as the center, and gradually expand to the Wuhan "8 + 1" urban circle and City clusters in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River have built China's first inter-province and city cooperation, advanced technology and large-scale quantum communication metropolitan area network clusters.

The agreement also mentioned that "Wuhan Quantum Confidential Communications Metropolitan Area Network" will be the first commercial metropolitan area network using quantum-classical channel fusion technology, and will build quantum confidential communications metropolitan area networks including finance, government affairs, and data centers. In the early stage of the project, the Quantum Government Affairs Network was used as the starting point. At the same time, the data resources of various departments of the Wuhan Municipal Government were integrated and operated to form an ecological chain of government affairs data, generating economic benefits and driving the economic development of Wuhan.

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