Participating experts believed that the project topics were set reasonably, the strength of each project undertaking unit was outstanding, and suggestions and opinions were provided for the technical indicators of each topic. They emphasized that the research team should pay attention to the optimization between the advanced and applicable technical indicators, so that the project The research results can provide a more effective research platform and support for the solution of scientific problems in other fields. It is hoped that the project will be smoothly implemented as planned and a new breakthrough in the field of spalled neutron source experimental technology research will be achieved.

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Researcher Liang Tianjiao and researcher Tang Jingyu introduced the basic situation of the project and the organization and implementation plan, and announced the establishment of a project expert group. Experts at the meeting listened to the introduction of the research and deployment of the project and project leaders. Representatives of the High-Tech Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology and representatives of the Finance Department of the High Energy Institute introduced project implementation management and fund management requirements, respectively.

Geng Jiandong, deputy director of the High-Tech Research and Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology pointed out that 2019 is the beginning of the implementation of the national key research and development plan, and relevant management methods and details are being continuously improved. It is hoped that the project research team will attach importance to and establish an effective management system, establish and Effective communication mechanism of the expert group. The project undertaking units should implement the national tasks with a highly responsible attitude, correct the misconceptions that focus on the project but not the management, and effectively enhance the sense of responsibility, innovation, and service for project implementation. While doing scientific research, reform and innovate the scientific research project management model mechanism, establish and implement the internal control system of scientific research management and the scientific research financial assistant system, explore and improve the project lead unit and project undertaking unit, legal entity unit and project leader, and decentralize management And precise management and support services to clarify management rights and responsibilities. The research team should focus on the project's mission objectives, organizational management, and R & D results, and strengthen the publicity and popularization of project progress and results. Huang Min, deputy director of the Frontier Science and Education Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the Chinese Academy of Sciences as the project recommendation department will do a good job of project implementation services and coordination to ensure the smooth completion of the project. Chen Gang, deputy director of the Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the Institute of High Energy Physics will effectively implement the legal person responsibility system of the project undertaker, effectively play the role of project organization, coordination, service and supervision, and provide scientific research conditions for the smooth implementation of the project.

Recently, the start-up meeting of the "Special Environment for Neutron Scattering Samples and Related Experimental Techniques" and the "Experimental Technology of Experimental Experiments with White Light Neutron Sources" project, which are key research projects on large-scale scientific devices, were held at the Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. High-Tech Research and Development Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Frontier Science and Education Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Academy of Engineering Physics, National Institute of Nuclear Technology (Beijing), Beijing University, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Atomic Energy, China Science and Technology Twenty experts from the project expert group including University, Southern University of Science and Technology and Institute of High Energy Physics, Academician Chen Hesheng, Academician Shen Baogen, Academician Zhang Huanqiao and the backbone of the project research team participated in the meeting.