Li Geyang, the person in charge of the project and the deputy general manager of the affiliated enterprises of the Weapons Industry Group, introduced that the previous Beidou navigation relied on satellite positioning, and the accuracy could only reach 5-10 meters. Now, it can reach the sub-meter accuracy at high speed through ground tracking stations. Level (that is, between 0.4-0.5 meters), it can provide centimeter-level high-precision positioning services in the conventional dynamic range of transport equipment such as drones and unmanned vehicles.

At the China Weapons Industry Corporation Technology Innovation Conference held on the 24th, relevant officials said that Beidou's ground-based reinforcement system is China's first ground-based reinforcement system that can cover the whole country. Regardless of GPS or Beidou navigation, satellite positioning is affected by factors such as the atmosphere and space, and positioning is prone to errors. Establishing a satellite continuous reference tracking station on the ground can correct satellite positioning errors. This is the "merit" of ground-based augmentation systems.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 25 (Reporters Chen Fang and Hu Yan) All the equipment is domestically produced with a precision of centimeter level ... With the completion of the overall task of the development and construction and operation and maintenance of the Beidou foundation enhancement system, it will be the first automatic vehicle in China. Driving electric vehicles provides centimeter-level high-precision positioning services and promotes the popularity of autonomous driving in China.

In the Beidou ground-based reinforcement system constructed by the Weapon Industry Group, core components such as high-precision receivers, antennas, and data switches are produced independently. Li Geyang said: "This is the first time in China that such a large-scale ground-based system uses domestic equipment." There is still a gap with the top level in foreign countries. Through practice, relevant performance indicators can be quickly improved.

Wen Gang, general manager of China Weapons Industry Group, said that in recent years, the Weapons Industry Group has obtained more than 7,000 authorized patents, an increase of 42.6% over five years ago. The Group adheres to the "two-wheel drive" of scientific and technological innovation and institutional innovation, and strives to deepen the reform of the institutional mechanism. It will accelerate the construction of an advanced weapon industry system with Chinese characteristics that is technologically advanced, autonomous and controllable, military-civilian integration, cost-effective, and dynamic.

In recent years, China National Weapons Industry Corporation, as the main body for the development and development of the Army ’s weaponry and equipment and the backbone of the Three Armed Forces ’damage and informatization equipment development, in addition to the“ Beidou ”system-related applications, has achieved fruitful results in key engineering construction and model project development: The battle tank has broken through dozens of core technologies, and its comprehensive performance has reached the international advanced level of similar equipment. The anti-aircraft weapon system has overcome a number of key technologies, and its technical and tactical indicators have reached the international advanced level. The first domestic dual-energy-powered 330-ton electric wheel mining truck entered The world's third-largest uranium mine has achieved major breakthroughs in core technologies such as unmanned driving and electric drive control, and its market share has increased to 15%, ranking among the top three in the world.

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