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Our newspaper, Berlin, November 25 (Guan Kejiang, Zhang Fang, Jingyi) Wan Gang, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and minister of science and technology, attended the unveiling ceremony of the German-Chinese R & D and Innovation Alliance held in Berlin on the 24th and unveiled the alliance with members of the alliance.

The first members of the German China R & D and Innovation Alliance include ten research and development institutions including the State Grid Global Energy Internet European Research Institute, the Sino-German Rail Transit Technology Joint R & D Center, Shengdi Co., Ltd., and Sany Germany Co., Ltd. The alliance will promote information, personnel and project exchanges and cooperation between members, members and German partners through activities such as seminars, technical inspections, coordination and implementation of cooperative projects.

Wan Gang stated at the unveiling ceremony that he hopes that Chinese scientific research institutions in Germany will become partners through the Innovation Alliance to strengthen communication and common innovation.