The job fair set up 129 branch venues in 21 countries including China, Britain, France and Germany. The main venue is the Federation of European and American Alumni Associations. 29 exhibiting companies including China Road and Bridge Corporation and China Yuanda Group posted 378 mid-to-high-end positions on the site, with about 1,000 attendees; more than 5,000 positions posted on the online job fair website It covers multiple industries such as biomedicine, IT technology, financial investment, cultural media, and information consulting. It is expected that the page views will exceed 200,000. After the on-site activities of the job fair, the online recruitment area will continue to supplement job information to provide students and employers with real-time demand information.

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Our newspaper, Beijing, November 26th (Reporter Pan Yue) The European and American Alumni Association (Chinese Association of Overseas Chinese Scholars) The 2019 Global "One Hundred Cities and One Taiwan" Overseas Talent Recruitment Fair opened in Beijing on the 26th. The 29 companies exhibiting at the main venue posted 378 mid- to high-end positions. The online job fair website has published more than 5,000 positions, and it is expected that the page views will exceed 200,000.

In accordance with the requirements of the central talent work, the job fair focuses on the strategy of serving talents to strengthen the country, increasing the work of large enterprises and well-known companies, attracting many top overseas universities to actively organize the participation of local or international students in activities; adding remote interviews; increasing The Shuangchuang Special Zone has been added; the recruitment of overseas positions for central enterprises has been increased, which has provided high-level talent support and services for the central enterprises to open to the outside world and go abroad.