• Approaching "Juvenile Class"

    Before going to the University of Science and Technology of China for interviewing "junior classes", many people asked me: "Are you talking about the" junior university of science and technology "with many 'prodigies'?" Prodigies and "junior classes" are some people's mind ...

    2019-12-31 12:13:23

  • Beijing Mentougou Chao Liucheng School will become a snow and ice special school

    Yesterday, the Mentougou Campus Ice and Snow Culture Festival and the 3rd Primary and Middle School Winter Games opened at Shijingshan Citizens Ice and Snow Sports Center. The Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the Mentougou District Education Commission that by 2021, Mentougou will ...

    2019-12-31 12:13:03

  • No emphasis, how should the test papers be issued

    The role of examinations in curriculum and education and teaching reform should be brought into full play. The content of the "Opinions of the Ministry of Education on Strengthening Junior High School Proficiency Test Proposition Work" is very deep and rich, and it reflects clear goal orientation and problems ...

    2019-12-31 12:12:42

  • Xiong'an Urban Furniture Design Proposal Launched

    China Education News (Reporter Dong Lu Wanlong) In order to cultivate the Xiong'an city brand, the "2019 Xiong'an Urban Furniture Design Proposal Collection" organized by the Hebei Xiong'an New District Management Committee and organized by the Central Academy of Fine Arts ...

    2019-12-31 10:35:23

  • Connected to form a better world

    ■ Promote the co-construction of the "Belt and Road" Education in the action series report "I found that the world is larger than Melbourne, and there are many people in the world. Connecting them can form a better world." Moore ...

    2019-12-31 10:35:03

  • Say goodbye to 2019, welcome 2020, vibrato sentence, 2020 New Year's Eve, talk about 2019, write to yourself in 2020

    After today, 2019 will end. Looking back on this year, are you satisfied with yourself? Whether it is laughter or tears, gains or regrets, 2019 will be a thing of the past. Maybe it was not that easy this year, ...

    2019-12-31 08:43:28

  • Light the Stars of Rural Physical Education Teachers

    China Education News Network, Xiamen, December 30 (Reporter Lin Huanxin) Today, the second phase of the 10-day training program for rural sports teachers in Xingkong ended in Xiamen. 123 from Danjiangkou in Hubei, Luxi, Longzhou, Guangxi, Tian ...

    2019-12-30 22:04:41

  • Outstanding performance of comprehensive university overseas communication

    China Education News (Reporter Chai Yan) On December 27, the "2019 Report on the Construction of Overseas Internet Communication Power of Chinese Universities" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report") was released at Beijing Normal University. The "Report" shows that ...

    2019-12-30 22:04:20

  • Beijing Business School: Professional Literacy Passports for Students' Career Development

    China Education News Network "Beijing Business School uses professional literacy passports to cultivate students 'professionalism and correct professional outlook, uses moral education to lead students' skills development, and provides a large number of high-quality qualified enterprises ...

    2019-12-30 22:03:57

  • Beijing Jinsong Vocational High School: "Red Pine" Tree Product Volunteer Education

    Cooking students are responsible for cooking; beauty and hairdressing students are giving haircuts and massages to the elderly and their children with disabilities; hotel students are responsible for cleaning; student cadres accompany the elderly to the hospital to take medicine and order ...

    2019-12-30 20:11:38

  • China Energy English Research Association was established in China University of Petroleum (Beijing)

    China Education News (Reporter Gao Liang) Recently, China Energy English Research Association was established in China University of Petroleum (Beijing). From Fudan University, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai University of Electric Power, China University of Geosciences ...

    2019-12-30 20:11:18

  • The first fencing demonstration event of Fujian Province's exemplary ordinary high school construction school held in 2019

    China Education News Network (Reporter Lin Huanxin) On December 28-29, the first fencing demonstration event of the Fujian Provincial Exemplary High School Construction School was held in Fuzhou No. 1 Middle School and High School in December 2019. The event is hosted by the Fujian Provincial Department of Education ...

    2019-12-30 20:10:30

  • Children's educational novel "Little Ant School" new book released

    China Education News (Reporter Zhang Guiyong) "A good children's education novel has three characteristics, one is to reflect the real educational life, the other is to disseminate the correct educational concept, and the third is to pass and disseminate scientific teaching ...

    2019-12-30 16:42:19

  • Joint publication of four departments! Non-boarding elementary and middle school kindergartens may not set up a food store supermarket in the school

    General Office of the General Administration of Market Supervision General Office of the Ministry of Education General Office of the National Health and Health Commission General Office of the Ministry of Public Security on the implementation of the main responsibility to strengthen the campus food safety management guidance of the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities and Xinjiang ...

    2019-12-30 16:41:59

  • Implement principal responsibility to protect campus food safety

    Recently, the State Administration of Market Supervision, the Ministry of Education, the National Health and Health Commission, and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued and issued the "Guiding Opinions on Strengthening Campus Food Safety Management in Implementing the Responsibility of Subjects" (hereinafter referred to as "Guiding Opinions ...

    2019-12-30 16:41:38

  • Study travel, not travel without learning

    Last month, many kindergarten children and elementary and middle school students in Changsha launched autumn study trips organized by the school. However, some parents gave a "bad review" of their children's activities, believing that the school was forced to disguise ...

    2019-12-30 12:36:38

  • Combined punching through the mechanism obstruction of teacher construction

    On December 16, the Ministry of Education held a press conference to issue and issue "Several Opinions on Reducing the Burden of Primary and Secondary School Teachers to Further Create a Good Environment for Education and Teaching" ("Several Opinions"), the Ministry of Education, etc.

    2019-12-30 12:36:18

  • Inspiring! Let's review the general secretary's enlightenment on education

    General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to the cause of education, and has issued important speeches and important instructions many times, which fully reflects the cordial care for teachers and students and educators, and has also become an important follow for education in the new era ...

    2019-12-30 10:06:59

  • China's children and adolescents over 50% of myopia rate experts call for early prevention

    Xinhua News Agency, Guangzhou, December 27th. At present, the myopia of children and adolescents in China is trending to increase in incidence and age. The results of the National Children and Adolescent Myopia Survey released by the National Health and Medical Commission in 2019 show that the overall myopia of children and adolescents in China ...

    2019-12-28 14:14:18

  • Helping students realize their dreams

    China Education New Net, Beijing, December 27 (Reporter Wu Yi Li Ke) The 2019 Beijing Student Funding Awards Ceremony for "Student Education and Dreaming New Talents" was held in Beijing today. At the meeting, 30 inaugural "capital-funded educating people." ..

    2019-12-28 00:07:12