Which teachers can participate?

There have been heavy news in the air classroom of a famous teacher in Jiangsu Province.

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Service credit system?

What are the specific requirements?

Grow and gain something!

① Provide a volunteer service certificate for the famous teacher experts and famous teacher studios participating in the "online Q & A" service of the famous teacher's air classroom.

The following certificates can be provided by localities based on teachers' online services and service points:

3. Self-recommended method: Ordinary primary and secondary school teachers registered in the "Jiangsu Primary and Secondary School Teachers and Staff Information Management System" can join the self-service through WeChat scanning QR code. Unique researchers on home-school cooperation, home education, problem solving skills, etc. can self-recommend and provide courses on the PC side of the famous teacher's aerial classroom.

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1. Teachers participating in "online answering" and "interactive classroom" services should abide by relevant laws and regulations such as the "Internet Live Broadcasting Service Management Regulations", cultivate a positive and healthy online culture, maintain a good online ecology, and grow healthy for the majority of young people Create a clean and upright cyberspace.

City-level open courses are recognized for outstanding online teaching cases, and outstanding teachers and students who have achieved outstanding results in the "Famous Teachers' Air Classes" service will be given priority in the year-end evaluation of the unit.

1. Invitation methods: Leaders of various disciplines at all levels, famous teachers (hosts of famous teachers 'studios), special teachers, senior teachers, etc., are invited to join directly by the Teachers' Office of the Provincial Department of Education.

⑤ Dedication, enthusiasm for public welfare, willing to preach on the line to teach.

Reform and innovation platform

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Please note!

2. Teachers participating in the development of "on-demand classrooms" and "parent classrooms" digital teaching resources must comply with intellectual property rights and copyrights, and the authors are responsible for any infringement liability. Advocate joint development, joint construction and sharing of teaching resources with independent property rights.

③Provide a resource employment certificate for famous teachers and experts who provide digital resources of "on-demand classroom" and "parent classroom".


In order to further inspire teachers to participate in platform construction and services with greater enthusiasm and wisdom, and to be practical "behavioral" teachers, to work together to enable each child to enjoy a fair and quality education and build a well-off society in an all-round way. In order to run a satisfactory education for the people, the Education Department of Jiangsu Province has formulated guidance.

② Has long been engaged in front-line teaching work, pays attention to preaching by example, new thinking, and broad vision.

4. Encourage teachers to make use of personal cyberspace to generate high-quality educational resources, and push them to the famous teacher's aerial classroom for use through the corresponding selection mechanism. At the same time, by assessing the personal space use activity and the quality and quantity of pushes in various places, teachers' information literacy is improved, and they can better serve famous teachers in the air.

① All ordinary middle and primary school teachers in Jiangsu province who have teacher qualifications and are registered in the "Jiangsu Primary and Middle School Teachers and Staff Information Management System".

01 Participants

What tasks do teachers have to undertake?

Hope more and more teachers and students

④ Teachers and experts who are engaged in research fields such as basic education, family education, culture and art, mental health, science and technology, and physical exercise in universities and research institutions.

01 Working Principles

③ Research and training staff of teacher development institutions and teaching and research institutions above the county level.

④ It has a personal network learning space, can be proficient in operating informatization equipment, and has a certain education informatization application ability.

02 Main tasks

Jiangsu Province ’s famous teacher ’s air classroom platform uses a service credit system. Teachers ranked in the forefront of the province will have the opportunity to obtain commendation certificates and prioritize participation in high-end domestic and foreign high-end training and training. The service in the air classroom is also used as a teacher's title evaluation review post Important reference for promotion.


1. Answer questions online. Online teachers provide one-on-one online tutoring for students who ask questions online, use whiteboard, audio, video and other technical methods to provide detailed answers to students' questions, and provide other necessary services such as learning method guidance and psychological counseling.

Can also be the cradle of teacher growth

Teachers with backbone titles above the municipal level, "special teacher" titles, or senior professional titles should be the first to go online to serve as a model. For teachers who have not had online services for a long time or whose service times are low and of low quality, promptly withdraw from the "Famous Teachers' Air Classroom" learning platform and notify their competent authorities.

This "Internet + Big Data + Artificial Intelligence + Education"

Taking the air classroom service situation as an important reference for teachers' professional title review and job promotion, those who have made special contributions to participating in air classroom services and have achieved significant results shall be inclined under the same conditions.

Province "Famous Teachers' Air Class"

3. All kinds of famous teacher's studios at all levels, especially online famous teacher's studios, the host should take the initiative to lead the members of the studio to analyze the problems raised by the students of the corresponding subjects on the Internet, and organize collective research on key difficulties and knowledge points to form outstanding results. network sharing.

2. Participate in interactive classrooms. For online Q & A students who ask more questions and classic problems in subject teaching, design and open online courses by accepting arrangements or alone, inviting subject teachers in related subjects to conduct research, and complete online interactive classroom teaching tasks.

Based on the principle of personal volunteering and enthusiasm, which can help teachers grow, online teacher sources mainly include three methods: invitation, recommendation, and self-recommendation:

Online teachers must sign a service commitment when registering for the "Famous Teachers' Air Classroom" service, follow the general requirements of quality education, and respect the laws of education and teaching and the healthy growth of adolescents. Carry out individual counselling and guidance work according to students' different abilities and levels. The prescribed courses or content that should be completed in the school shall not be simply transferred to the learning platform, and it shall not be guided by "exam" to increase students' extracurricular learning burden.

How do incentives work?

right now,

By the widespread attention and welcome of teachers and students and parents!

03 Selection method

3. Develop digital resources. Teachers are encouraged to actively provide digital teaching resources developed by themselves. Encourage the learning content of each subject in primary and secondary schools, combing knowledge points and skill points according to the curriculum standards, subject system, and the requirements of the middle and high school entrance examinations, and make teaching videos, micro-classes or series of lectures for columns such as "on-demand classroom" and "parent classroom" according to standards Digital teaching resources such as lessons.

How does it work?


By encouraging teachers to participate in the air classroom service of famous teachers, all primary and secondary school teachers in Jiangsu will grow into famous teachers in the hearts of parents and children.

② For the famous teachers and experts who participate in the "Interactive Classroom" service, they can issue public class or high-quality class certificates if they meet the requirements.

The above certificate can be automatically generated based on the famous teacher's air classroom system, and it can be used as a reference for project performance, such as project selection, evaluation, and evaluation.