Based on the campus and radiating the relevant primary and secondary schools and surrounding communities in Beijing, the present Xiqu Festival has attracted more than 1.3 million visitors, online audiences and participants.


China Education News Network (Reporter Liang Dan) On December 21, under the guidance of the Art Education Committee of the Ministry of Education, hosted by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, and hosted by Tsinghua University, the "Traditional Opera Entering Campus-The Campus Opera Festival 2019" which lasted more than two months End.


At the same time, there are 21 troupe agencies and many opera performing artists including the National Peking Theatre, the Shanghai Academy of Drama and the School of Traditional Chinese Opera, the Kunming Theatre of the Jiangsu Performing Arts Group, the Shanghai Shanghai Theatre, the Guangzhou Yue Theatre, the Wuhan Peking Theatre, the Shaoxing Xiaobaihuayue Troupe, etc. Helping this opera festival further deepen the educational practice of opera entering campus.

During the 70-day continuous opera festival, 14 opera dramas from different regions of the east, west, south, and north came into the campus. In aesthetic style, there are both historical and highly stylized Kun opera and Peking opera, as well as Yue opera and Pingju opera. , Shanghai Opera and other young genres. During the Xiqu Festival, a series of activities such as the "110th Anniversary of Chinese Drama Criticism" and "Henan Rare Dramas Entering the Campus" were also held, bringing rich experience for teachers and students.

"It can be said that the campus opera festival has become a new brand of campus opera education. Opera education has become an effective way to lead students to establish correct aesthetic concepts, cultivate noble sentiments, and cultivate national emotions." Tsinghua University Art Education Center Director, Tsinghua University Zhao Hong, director of the Office of the Leadership Group of Aesthetic Education, said that the campus is the place where many college students watch opera for the first time. Students from different regions and cultural backgrounds are exposed to opera in the theater, or are amazed by the beauty of the opera, or are awakened by the emotion of the opera. With the national cultural memory deeply rooted in the students' hearts, this seed will germinate, grow, blossom, and bear fruit at the right time and environment. The mission and responsibility of campus opera aesthetic education is to bring the most beautiful opera art to students, let them feel the exquisite opera art, cultivate them gradually and cultivate their aesthetic appreciation. The types of dramas invited to be exhibited at the present Xiqu Festival highlights the types of dramas in different regions of the North and the South, and strive to meet the demand for a diverse opera culture in opera education, cultivate students ’habits and hobbies of appreciation of opera, and cultivate the soul in education and music, thereby enhancing Cultural literacy and artistic appreciation.

This year's Xiqu Festival passed 32 forms of Peking Opera workshops, 12 lectures by famous artists, and 5 academic seminars in various forms of opera promotion and experience activities, which initially realized that more students can understand opera in the classroom and experience opera in the workshop. , Study opera in lectures, enjoy opera in the theater.