At the meeting, the three subjects of Chinese Language, Mathematics, and English in Tiyuguan Road were displayed in an open classroom, highlighting the concept of respecting students' subject status, "putting students in the center of the classroom", and questioning, discourse, thinking, and inquiry rights. It also gives students that students can learn happily in an equal and warm atmosphere. Teachers are not only a guide for student learning but also a learning partner for mutual aid. Subsequently, around the three themes of “classroom quietly changing, students quietly changing, teachers quietly changing”, teachers conducted micro-forum discussions to exchange classroom goals, content, teaching methods, teaching processes, and other vitality brought to the classroom, as well as bring students Changes and growth.

Participating experts affirmed the gymnasium road primary school's intensive study of classroom transformation and open classrooms to promote the growth of teachers. They said that schools should continue to take root in practice, pay attention to students' needs, use topic research to lead the improvement of education and teaching quality, and promote school development.

How to stimulate classroom teaching vitality and improve students' core literacy through classroom transformation is an urgent and realistic issue before every educator. Relying on the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” education science planning project in Dongcheng District, Tiguanguan Elementary School “Research on Open Classes in the Background of New Curriculum Reform”, which lasted 3 years, explored more than 150 practical lessons, held 5 seminars, and learned from them The results of open classroom research.

China Education News (Reporter Yu Chuang) "Research is leading, the classroom is open, and students are growing up." A few days ago, under the background of the new curriculum reform, the "13th Five-Year Plan" for education science planning in Dongcheng District, sponsored by Beijing Dongcheng District Education and Training Institute. An open class study will be held on site.