At present, there are 19 special education schools and more than 1,200 special education teachers in Beijing. "There are very few teachers with special background in rehabilitation medicine in special education school middle school. Through training, special education teachers are guided to learn some rehabilitation knowledge and gradually realize the transformation." Said Sun Ying, director of the Special Education Research Guidance Center of Beijing Academy of Educational Sciences.

In Jia Meixiang's view, the development of teachers in the autism rehabilitation industry has been lagging behind. The number of rehabilitation personnel is small, and there are less than 30,000 qualified professional rehabilitation practitioners nationwide. In addition, the rehabilitation teacher's teaching process is not rigorous and standardized, and the teaching effect cannot meet the needs of parents. Vocational skills need to be improved. "The autism rehabilitation industry urgently needs systematic training and rehabilitation education standards."

"Autism is a worldwide problem with a global incidence of about 1%. Once a child has autism, it has a great impact on the family and society, and there is a great need for rehabilitation. Lack of teachers and unprofessionalism are key problems in the development of the industry. It directly affects the effect of children's rehabilitation and return to normal life. "Said Sun Hongqiang, deputy director of Peking University Sixth Hospital.

"It is not enough to rely on the school alone to cultivate talents. It is necessary to combine multiple forces, based on the industry and industry, promote industry-university-research cooperation, and promote the long-term career development of autism rehabilitation teachers through medical-education collaboration and integration of production and education." Guo Jianru said.

What is a good autism rehabilitation teacher? Jia Meixiang said that knowledge, skills and experience are the core qualities of a good rehabilitation teacher. It is necessary to have rich professional knowledge, uphold professional ethics, give play to professional skills, and refer to the experience of themselves or other professionals to conduct effective practical interventions for children with autism.

Recently, Peking University Sixth Hospital, Peking University School of Medical Continuing Education and Peking University Medical Brain Health Behavior Development Teaching and Research Institute jointly sponsored the 2019 Innovative Autistic Rehabilitation Talent Training Forum, launched the autistic rehabilitation talent training plan, and cultivated first-class rehabilitation teaching relying on applied analysis technology. Talent.

China Education News (Reporter Yu Chuang) "According to conservative estimates, there are about 3 million children with autism in the country, but rehabilitation institutions have serious problems such as insufficient teachers, insufficient professionalism, and lack of systematic training." Jia Meixiang, an expert in the autism rehabilitation industry for more than 30 years, the chief physician of Peking University Sixth Hospital, and the chairman of the autism rehabilitation professional committee of the China Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Association, bluntly states the current plight of the autism industry.