On the basis of summing up the experience of the second forum, this forum further expanded the scope and scale of scholars invited to participate in the meeting based on the school's "double first-class" construction and the need for talents to strengthen the school project. contact.

The Dayu Youth Scholar Forum is an important exploration of talent introduction of China Agricultural University. The forum aims to focus on the development goal of “building a world-class university and first-class disciplines”, focus on the international academic frontier, and gather a group of domestic foreign exchange to obtain higher academic results Outstanding young talents with good potential for innovation and development, through academic exchanges and in-depth discussions, use the forum platform to promote exchanges and cooperation, and promote young scholars at home and abroad to develop China Agricultural University's development strategy, discipline construction, scientific research, talent team construction and other policy systems Comprehensive understanding.

China Education News Network (Reporter Wan Yufeng) On December 26, China Agricultural University hosted the 3rd Dayu Youth Scholar Forum Main Forum, which was recommended from 53 universities or research institutes in 15 countries around the world after being recommended for registration and evaluated by relevant school experts. 62 young Chinese and foreign scholars from the institute came to participate in the forum and gathered with young teachers on campus to share academic feasts.