All participants sang "I and My Country"

"Although the conditions in my home are difficult, the scholarship grants me more learning opportunities and better learning conditions." Said Ni Yan, a student of Beijing No. 25 Middle School. He should drink water to become a powerful person in the future. Help those who need help like themselves.

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Bai Mei, a moral education officer of the Beijing School for the Blind, shared her feelings about special education student funding work. "Only students who have the ability to survive, stable income and a good life can make me feel at ease and rest assured." She said for 9 years When I took over the funding work, I realized that this is not only a job, but also a responsibility.

The first "Capital-funded Excellent Workers"

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During the live interview, Zhao Yong, deputy director of the Education Committee of Chaoyang District, Beijing, said that giving every student a chance to shine, this is not only about social equity, but also about the future of the country and the nation. "The Chaoyang District has been exploring funding innovations and strengthening information technology to ensure that it can efficiently and accurately assist students in financial difficulties in every family in their jurisdiction," said Zhao Yong.


Live interview

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The 2nd "Capital Campus Inspiring Characters"

"The end point of funding work is to educate people and help more children realize their dreams." Qu Na, director of the Student Funding Center of Beijing Second Foreign Language College, explained the original intention of establishing the "Xiangyu Inspiration" funding education studio and shared it through the theme salon , Case study, social practice and other activities, so that students in the rich experience really inspired, harvested and grown.

At the event, three representatives of campus inspirational characters told stories of gratitude, hard work, and giving back to the society. Every change and progress they made was the strongest intention and mission of student funding workers, and it was also a state funding The policy benefits the more direct and more vivid manifestation of the Guangzhou University.

"Every funded person is the best practitioner, beneficiary, spokesperson, and communicator of the national student funding policy." Fan Zhongwei, director of the Finance Department of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, said in his speech that student funding in the capital has always been in strict accordance with central decision-making. Deployment, based on the strategic positioning of the capital city and the overall situation of capital education reform and development, gradually establishing and improving a student funding policy system, continuously increasing financial security, and actively building a long-term mechanism for funding education, realizing the extension from security funding to development funding. It has laid a solid foundation for ensuring that "a student is not dropped out of school due to family financial difficulties."


"I have gathered the encouragement and concern of too many people, and hope that through my own efforts, every villager will feel this energy." Abduk Yum Turev, who graduated from Beijing Second Foreign Language College, Already a judge of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region High People's Court, he resolutely chose the post in the village, hoping to use practical actions to let love pass.

It is reported that this selection of student funded people lasted two months, aimed at conveying the deep concern of the party and the country, showing the effectiveness of student funding work in Beijing, and telling the story of the capital funding and educating people in the new era.

After the district school's push, expert preliminary evaluation, online voting, comprehensive evaluation and other links, 30 teachers including Beijing Economic and Technical Vocational College Suo Guizhi were awarded the first "Excellent Workers Funded by Capital." 30 students including Wu Yixuan, Xidan Elementary School, Xicheng District, Beijing won the second "Capital Campus Inspiring Character".


China Education New Net, Beijing, December 27 (Reporter Wu Yi Li Ke) The "Awarding Dreams and Educating New Talents" 2019 Beijing Student Funding Awards Ceremony was held in Beijing today, and the first 30 "Capital-funded Education Excellent Talents" were announced at the conference. Workers "and 30 second" Inspiring People on the Capital Campus ". The event was hosted by the Beijing Student Financial Aid Management Center, and hosted by the Capital University of Economics and Business, and the Modern Education News Agency.


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Xie Meiqi, a student of Beijing Qiushi Vocational School, shared her growing experience. Although she has been with her parents since childhood, she also has the responsibility to take care of her grandfather. What I have learned adds to the society.