At the end of October, parents of a junior class in Nanya Middle School reported that according to the study notice, parents were required to pay 458 yuan to allow their children to participate in the two-day-one-night theme of "Learning is busy in the farm, cultivating in the fall" in Liuyang Meitian Lake Practice Base. activity. The notice also mentions that if you do not participate, it will affect the student's final comprehensive quality assessment score. When parents paid, they found that the payee account was not a school, but a private education institution. Parents report that the main content of the event is not all "autumn harvest, ramming soil, ferry crossing, fishing and hunting", it is a pure autumn activity.

Last month, many kindergarten children and elementary and middle school students in Changsha launched autumn study trips organized by the school. However, some parents gave “bad reviews” to their children's activities, arguing that schools forced their children to participate in disguise, and a few study trips had high prices and low quality problems. Recently, the municipal education department has responded to this. Experts point out that study trips cannot be conducted without study, and that the goals of both study and travel can be truly achieved, and the purpose of assisting study is to travel.