(4) The market supervision department should consolidate the responsibility for food safety supervision in schools and surrounding areas. The first is to strengthen the supervision and inspection of food supply units, school cafeterias, and small food stores and small food stores around the campus. Focus on checking whether food business operators have obtained food production and operation permits, whether employees have health certificates, whether the food they sell or store and use are "three non-foods", foods that have exceeded the shelf life, spoiled food, The kind of food provided by the kindergarten. The second is to seriously investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations on food safety in schools and surrounding areas, and severely crack down on campus activities in engaging in food production and operation without a license. Third, after receiving reports of suspected foodborne diseases, they should be promptly checked and disposed of according to law and duties, conduct scientific and standardized investigations and sample inspections, and report and notify as required. Fourth, for food business operators who have caused food-borne disease outbreaks, they must focus on checking whether food business operators have violated food safety laws, concealed, misreported, postponed reports, and concealed, forged, destroyed, or transferred relevant evidence. Fifth, food operators who have caused outbreaks of food-borne diseases and found violations of laws and regulations must be severely punished according to law. Sixth, after receiving reports of foodborne disease incidents, the territorial market supervision department failed to promptly investigate and deal with them according to law, causing the event to expand or spread, and concealing, misrepresenting, and postponing reports, in accordance with laws and regulations to the responsible supervisor and other direct liabilities Personnel were given disciplinary action. Seventh, strengthen the link between administrative law enforcement and criminal justice, and promptly transfer suspected criminal food safety cases to public security organs.

Second, further strengthen management responsibility

Fourth, do a good job in the spirit of responsibility

General Office of the Ministry of Public Security