At the press conference, the author Gao Feng introduced the behind-the-scenes story of "Little Ant School" and shared his own "happiness education" idea of running a school. In his view, "happiness education" is not a concept of psychology or ethics, but a concept of pedagogy. In teaching practice, he often organizes some fun courses in order to better adapt to the world of children. At the same time, he pays attention to cultivate children's emotions in the teaching process, so that they not only have good grades, but also have excellent personality qualities. "Although in the actual process of running a school, it is difficult to achieve the ideal goal of running a school due to the constraints of various elements of the social environment, this does not prevent us from trying hard to pursue it. This book is neither an" ideal country "nor" Emile " "Or" Little Peas by the Window ", but a dream of running a school rooted in Chinese land."


China Education News (Reporter Zhang Guiyong) "A good children's education novel has three characteristics, one is to reflect the real educational life, the other is to disseminate the correct educational concept, and the third is to pass and disseminate scientific education methods so that children , Parents, teachers, principals can get inspiration from the works, and can even be used directly. "Little Ant School" combines these three characteristics. Many plots come from real educational scenes, and they are very close to children. It looks like an ideal school. "This morning, the relay press hosted a press conference on the new book" Little Ant School. " At the meeting, Zhu Yongxin, the spokesperson for the reading image of the whole people, talked about the book's reading experience and the educational value of children's educational novels, which aroused the resonance of the participants.

It is reported that "Little Ant School" was created by the headmaster of Yuquan Elementary School attached to the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The book focuses on the stories of two elementary school students, Yuyu and Quanquan, on the campus, so that readers can understand the inner world of their children and pursue their ideal education. The author pays attention to various problems that students may encounter in their study and development, and proposes corresponding solutions. He also shares many family education methods that parents can operate and new curriculum designs that teachers can refer to. The book contains the implication of educational philosophy, as well as deep thinking about traditional education. It also has a beautiful pursuit of an ideal school, and has certain guiding significance for parents, students and educators.

Gao Hongbo, deputy chairman of the Chinese Writers Association, and Wu Jin, deputy director of the Beijing Haidian District Education Committee, also gave their own testimonials. Special Chinese teacher Li Hongxia and the teacher and student representatives of Yuquan Elementary School read the chapters in Little Ant School and performed the story fragments in the book. In the micro-salon session, Lu Qin, a home education expert, Zhang Guolong, a professor at the School of Arts of Beijing Normal University, and Liu Hui, a professor at the Capital Normal University, shared their feelings about reading The Little Ant School from different perspectives.

At the press conference, the participating experts analyzed the educational significance of Little Ant School from different perspectives. The representative of the publisher and the editor-in-chief of the Relay Press Bai Bing said in a speech that "Little Ant School" is a very good children's education novel, which has the concept of happiness education and unique social, artistic and educational values. "Educational novels have both the rational qualities of education and the artistic imagination of novels. The expression of educational issues in the form of artistic novels is an indispensable category in the literary category. It is hoped that this work can help young readers correctly understand and handle Various issues in the growth, to help large readers harvest educational experience and methods of home education, school education. "