Xu Zhihui, deputy director of the Chaoyang District Education Committee who participated in the re-evaluation, expressed the hope that Jinsong Vocational High School will take the opportunity of “one school, one product” outstanding moral brand building as an opportunity to innovate working methods, improve the system and mechanism, further explore and polish moral education brands, and cultivate more high-quality skills for the capital Talent. (China Education News Network reporter Gao Liang)

The principal of the school, Guo Yanfeng, said that the school takes Lide to build people as its fundamental task, adhering to the "people-oriented, love for soul, Hongde is still capable, fostering modern professional people with good humanities" concept of running the school, "to achieve teachers and students, serve the capital "For the benefit of society" is the mission of the school, actively responding to the party and state call, carry forward the spirit of volunteerism and Lei Feng in the new era, and improve the long-term working mechanism of voluntary service, promote the concept of voluntary service, improve the management of volunteers, and innovate the content of voluntary service. Make voluntary service activities into courses, communities, and families, effectively integrate Lideshu people into the whole process of educating people, and cultivate "red ideas" and "elegant, confident, confident, New era socialist builders and successors of "pine character" of "self-improvement, self-discipline, loyalty, and music."

Since 2007, Jinsong Vocational High School students have used their professional expertise to provide volunteer services to an elderly grandmother Hu and a child with cerebral palsy in a nearby subsistence allowance family. Since then, the school has incorporated volunteer service activities into the talent training system, realizing the curriculum and regularization of volunteer service, and all teachers and students have registered as volunteers on the "Volunteer Beijing" website. The "Red Pine Action" volunteer service brand project has been in place for 13 years, and has participated in nearly 10,000 teachers and students. There have been more than 70 voluntary service bases and more than 100,000 person-times.

Cooking students are responsible for cooking; beauty and hairdressing students are giving haircuts to the elderly and their children with disabilities; hotel students are responsible for cleaning; student officials accompany the elderly to the hospital for medicine and drips ... this is 13 years . Recently, Beijing Jinsong Vocational High School told the touching story of the school's teachers and students volunteering to serve families with subsistence allowances when they were accepted by the third batch of "one school, one product" reassessment work expert group of Beijing secondary vocational school moral education.