China Education News Network, Xiamen, December 30 (Reporter Lin Huanxin) Today, the second phase of the 10-day training program for rural sports teachers in Xingkong ended in Xiamen. 123 physical education teachers from Danjiangkou, Hubei, Luxi, Longzhou and Tianxi, Shanxi, Qinyuan, Shanxi, and rural schools in the old revolutionary area of Fujian, farewell to each other and value each other.

It is understood that this training not only brought 5 special sports trainings such as campus sunshine big class activities, sports fun lessons, grassroots school all-members sports games, fancy rope skipping, small basketball, etc., and 4 theoretical knowledge trainings, but also provided theoretical training. The 10 volumes of teaching materials and video materials are designed to make the "charging" for rural physical education teachers more effective and more durable.

In this regard, as one of the training experts of this event, Zha Ping, a professor at the School of Physical Education and Sports of Beijing Normal University, said: "Educational imbalances also exist in the training of urban and rural physical education teachers. More attention must be paid to rural physical education teachers to broaden them. Let them know that they can do it too, which will inspire their passion for work. "

"Pushing a car", "running a ring", "six people and five people" ... the teachers are learning hotly. These fun exercises change more than 1,260 forms by changing the direction and difficulty of movement. Lin Jiayu, a physical education teacher from Wuping Xiaba Central Elementary School in Longyan, Fujian, always raised his hand to participate in the demonstration. In his opinion, like Chen Shuaijia's fun lessons, they can be directly applied to physical education, which can help rural teachers the most, and the results are immediate.


"Although I can find a lot of physical education teaching materials on the Internet, but I haven't learned it, I don't know how to understand it, and I dare not teach it." Kang Qi said. Among the teachers participating in the training, Kang Qi was "famous". He has won the first place at the municipal, county and district level badminton competitions many times. He has also exhibited in the province's badminton competitions. This is true even for such full-time teachers with strong sports competence, not to mention the large number of part-time physical education teachers in rural schools?

Can there be 1260 ways of physical exercise? "I am here today to teach you the means and methods to achieve these methods." Hearing the words of Chen Shuai, director of the National School Sports League (teaching reform) and associate professor of the School of Physical Education of Northeast Normal University, the teachers present were all eyes widened.

In Qinyuan, Shanxi, basketball is a local sports specialty. Kang Qi, the head of the teaching point and sports teacher at Baihuyao Primary School in Jiaokou Township, Qinyuan County, introduced that the physical education class in each school in the county is basically playing basketball and track and field. Some male teachers also teach martial arts, and some female teachers teach physical, Aerobics, but overall, there are very few species.

During the training period, teachers who were only “travelers” also had more exchanges. Although there may be only one physical education teacher in the school, in the QQ group, he has more than a hundred "comrades in arms" who support each other, as well as guidance experts who can answer questions and doubts. This may already be common in other disciplines. But this is mostly the first time for a rural physical education teacher.

From the poverty-stricken county of Guangxi Tian and other counties, ethnic minority primary school, Zhao Quanfu is 57 years old this year. He was a language teacher in the school and served as the vice principal. Because the school lacks a teacher, he likes sports more. Now he has been a part-time sports teacher for 4 years. . The "first elementary school" Chengguan Primary School in the county where Liang Xingrong is located has more than 3,000 students and only five physical education teachers. He was both excited and regrettable in the training, because during his more than 20 years of teaching, the number of trainings was very few.

"The sailing of the sea depends on the helmsman. It is important to keep up with the training of education managers, and it is important to change their concepts. Otherwise, it is easy for teachers to hear the blood, but return to the cold water." Chen Shuai said the rural sports teacher training also The support of funds, supervision mechanism, incentive mechanism, etc. is needed to truly illuminate the starlight of rural teachers like the name of this action.

"The training content and our actual work are not derailed at all. With this foundation, our temporarily cultivated" sports education soil "can smoothly take root and sprout." Liang Xingrong, a physical education teacher from Chengguan Primary School in Tianxi County, Guangxi and other counties Say.


"Everyone said that training is better than teaching people to fish, but for frontline teachers," fish "is also very important." Chen Shuai said that the general content of physical education classes is too boring and students are reluctant to move; Dangerous, the principal is worried; the exercise has no effect and the physique is still poor; there are too few equipments on the field, and there are too many people to train, and the rural physical education class is more difficult to develop. In this regard, the training design must teach teachers safe, fun, cheap, and simple exercise forms that can be truly realized in rural physical education classes.

"Too little training" is what teachers say most. "I used to think I was teaching well. Now I think about it, my class is about the same as when I was in school more than ten years ago." Teacher Zhang Guoqiang of Zhenghu Central Primary School in Sha County, Fujian Province frowned. The inability to keep up with the teaching philosophy and teaching methods, coupled with the long-standing "emphasis on intellectual education but light sports", has made many physical education lessons "flock sheep".

The picture shows the physical education teachers are practicing the exercises

The picture shows the teachers actively scanning the QR code to join the sports teacher exchange group

It is reported that the event was jointly sponsored by Yao Foundation, China Youth Development Foundation, and National School Sports League (teaching reform).