2. The layout structure of higher education is further optimized. Established in 2019, Shandong First Medical University was established, the rehabilitation university was established, and the Qingdao campus of the University of International Business and Economics was established. The layout of higher education in our province was further optimized.

7. Nishan World Confucianism Center was established. On August 25, Nishan World Confucianism Center establishment meeting was held in Qufu Nishan Sanctuary, and Nishan World Confucianism Center was officially established. Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Liu Jiayi and Deputy Minister of Education Sun Yao attended the meeting and spoke.

5. Comprehensively carry out after-school service work in primary schools. At the beginning of May, our province promoted the after-school service work in primary schools. The current implementation rate is 94.63%, and elementary students in need are basically covered, which effectively solves the problem of "three-and-a-half" after-school pick-up.

1. Our province and the Ministry of Education signed the "Memorandum of International Cooperation for Promoting the Joint Construction of the" Belt and Road "Education Action". On February 18, the Ministry of Education and Shandong and other 4 provinces and cities signed an agreement to promote the construction of an international cooperation memorandum for the “Belt and Road” education action. Vice Governor Yu Jie attended the event and signed a contract on behalf of our province.

6. Selected as the first batch of provinces with outstanding results in vocational education reform. On May 13, the General Office of the State Council issued a notice to supervise and motivate the implementation of relevant major policies and measures in 2019. The province was selected as one of the first six provinces in the country with significant results in vocational education reform.

10. The "Shandong Province 2020 Summer University Enrollment Summer Examination and Admissions Implementation Plan" was released. On December 13, the "Proposal" was released, marking the province's "New College Entrance Examination" into the substantive implementation stage, the examination subjects and time, the composition of grades and score conversion, marking and admission methods, volunteer settings and filling in 4 aspects Will change.

4. Several Opinions on Promoting the Development of Higher Education in Shandong in the New Era. On April 19, the General Office of the Provincial Government issued documents to make arrangements for the high-quality development of higher education in our province. Initiated the drafting of more than 10 supporting documents, and issued the "Implementation Plan for Classified Assessment of Undergraduate Universities in Shandong Province".

9.15 higher vocational colleges were selected into the "Double High Plan", and 3 pilot undergraduate vocational colleges were approved. On December 10, the Ministry of Education announced the first-round construction unit list of high-level vocational schools and professional construction plans with Chinese characteristics (referred to as the "Double High Plan"), and 197 vocational colleges across the country entered the "Double High Plan" construction list. 15 vocational colleges in Shandong were shortlisted. On May 27, the Ministry of Education issued a reply document agreeing that the three higher vocational colleges in Shandong should be renamed as vocational technical colleges and carry out a pilot program of vocational education at the undergraduate level.

8. The "Regulations on Preschool Education in Shandong Province" was promulgated. On September 27, the 14th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress of Shandong Province considered and passed the "Regulations on Preschool Education in Shandong Province" to provide legal guarantee for the healthy development of preschool education.

3. Carry out special actions to purify the examination environment and severely crack down on examination cheating and illegal activities. Since April, the five departments, including the Provincial Department of Education and the Provincial Public Security Department, have performed their duties, performed their respective responsibilities, and cooperated with each other. The special actions to crack down on cheating and illegal activities in examinations have achieved remarkable results.