Xu Lin pointed out in his speech that strengthening network work in colleges and universities has a very important status and role in implementing the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the Party and accelerating the promotion of the strategy of network power. Carrying out the educational activity on the theme of "Internet civilization enters campus", and promoting the construction of university network culture are important contents for strengthening the network work of universities. He emphasized that the first is to strengthen the education of online media literacy. Guide college students to correctly understand the Internet and handle the relationship between contact and cognition; use the Internet properly and handle the relationship between use and entertainment; establish the concept of network integrity and cultivate a good habit of surfing the Internet. Second, we must actively participate in cyberspace clear operations. We must dare to speak online, persistently promote the core values of socialism, highlight the mainstream values of society, and actively transmit positive energy. Third, all hands on the Internet and offline. Coordinate the construction of online and offline campus media, coordinate the development of online and offline cultural activities, and coordinate the construction of online and offline student communities.

Du Yubo emphasized that the party group of the Ministry of Education attaches great importance to the construction of university network culture, enhances the quality of teachers and students' network civilization, and regards this work as an important measure to improve the targeted effectiveness of ideological and political education, as an important way to deepen the comprehensive reform of higher education in the new situation content. Du Yubo summarized the progress made by the Ministry of Education in promoting network culture construction in four aspects, including improving the network work system, expanding the network work platform, optimizing the content of network culture, and building a strong network work force. The three dimensions of cyber civilization literacy put forward hopes and requirements for further strengthening cyber civilization education and promoting the construction of cyber culture. It is hoped that universities and colleges in various places should seriously study the characteristics of the age of cyber civilization and fully understand the relationship between cyber civilization and social civilization. , And the relationship between network civilization and Lide people; the second is to strengthen the awareness of network civilization among teachers and students, to establish a keen political awareness and a high level of security awareness; the third is to vigorously improve the quality of network civilization of teachers and students, especially It is the ability to build a network management network for network use and the education and guidance ability of network public opinion.

Since June this year, the Department of Ideology and Political Affairs of the Ministry of Education, together with the National Social Work Office of the Cyberspace Office of the State Council, has guided the National University Campus Website Alliance, the Easy Class Development Center, and Wenhui News Agency to host the first national college student network culture for students and teachers. Festival and the first National University Network Propaganda and Ideological Education Outstanding Works Selection and Display Activities (referred to as "one section and one selection"). After the launch of the event, universities in various places responded positively, and successively carried out the local organization's mobilization and selection and recommendation work, forming a good atmosphere for teachers and students to actively participate in the creation of online cultural works and vigorously promote the main theme of the network.

On November 9th, the Ministry of Education and the National Internet Information Office held a "Civilization into the Campus" and the Promotion Conference for the Construction of University Network Culture at Renmin University of China. Du Yubo, deputy secretary and deputy minister of the Party Leadership Group of the Ministry of Education, and Xu Lin, deputy director of the State Cyberspace Office, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Jin Nuo, Chairman of the National University Campus Website Alliance, Secretary of the Party Committee of Renmin University of China, responsible comrades of some provinces (regions, municipalities) Education Work Committee, responsible comrades of relevant university party committees, and some college student representatives from Beijing attended the meeting.

During the meeting, the participants watched the demonstration of the national university students 'online cultural achievements, and some provinces and municipalities' educational work departments and more than 40 universities participated in the exhibition. The Guangxi University Work Committee, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University and other units made exchange speeches and introduced their achievements and experiences around the work of promoting the "Easy Class" construction pilot, prospering online culture, and promoting online culture and education.

It is reported that the "Internet civilization enters the campus" theme education activity is an important extension of the "one section, one election" activity, which is divided into the launch meeting, "hundred schools and thousands of network civilization theme campus tour", "network civilization, you and me" theme debate Invitational three parts. "One Hundred Schools and Thousands of Network Civilization Theme Campus Tour", hosted by the Network Culture Commission of the University Campus Website Alliance and Shanghai Jiaotong University, mainly in the form of lectures, lectures, symposiums, forums, etc., organizes teachers and students around the awareness of network security Topics such as network literacy, network laws and regulations, network protection skills, etc., carry out education on network civilization, spread the concept of network civilization, display the style of network civilization, and promote good campus civilization and morality. The "Internet Civilization, You and Me Along" theme debate invitation contest, hosted by the Network Alliance Committee on Internet Politics and Political Affairs and Chongqing University, organizes university students to debate on the topic of network civilization, guides college students to adhere to the network behavior norms, and advocates a civilized and healthy online lifestyle. More than 30 prestigious universities including Tsinghua University and Peking University participated in the competition.