The relevant person in charge introduced that the structure of the "Special Catalogue of Higher Vocational Education (Specialist) in General Colleges and Universities (2015)" also changed. The current "Catalogue" structure is "professional category-professional category-professional code-professional name", the new "catalog" is adjusted to "professional category-professional category-professional code-professional name-professional direction example-mainly corresponding occupation category- Examples of connecting secondary vocational majors-examples of continuing undergraduate majors ", four new contents including" professional direction examples "," mainly corresponding occupational categories "," connecting secondary vocational major examples ", and" continuing undergraduate professional examples "were added to clarify the professional and professional directions , Corresponding occupational category, connection between majors.

The person in charge of the Vocational Education and Adult Education Department of the Ministry of Education stated that the majors retained are mainly in line with the actual conditions and trends of industrial development, and the corresponding professions are mature and stable, with a wide range of majors, clear employment, and scientific and reasonable names. The renamed majors are mainly those whose names are not scientific and standardized, do not fully reflect the professional connotation, or need to be adjusted according to the corresponding industrial transformation and upgrading and technological progress. The majors to be merged are those with similar professional connotations, the core courses are basically the same, or the specialty is too narrow. The majors that are cancelled are mainly those in which the corresponding industries are eliminated or restricted, and there are fewer majors (there are no sites for three consecutive years), the enrollment scale is too small, or the majors do not meet the professional training orientation of higher vocational education. Such as: forest harvesting and transportation engineering, integration of traditional Chinese and western medicine, acrobatics performance, education management, kindergarten management, labor camp management and other majors. The newly added majors mainly meet the needs of industrial transformation and upgrading, industrial chain extension and crossover, emerging occupations and technological progress.

People's Daily Online, Beijing, November 9 (Zhao Yingzi) The Ministry of Education has recently issued the newly revised "Administrative Measures for the Professional Setting of Higher Vocational Education (Specialty) in General Colleges and Universities" and the "Special Catalogue of Higher Vocational Education (Specialty) in Higher Education (2015 ) ", The head of the Vocational Education and Adult Education Department of the Ministry of Education said in response to reporters’ questions that the total number of majors was reduced from 1170 to 747 (of which 263 were retained, accounting for 36% of the total; 167 were renamed, accounting for the total 22% of the total; merged to 243, accounting for 32% of the total; 74 new, accounting for 10% of the total; 69 cancelled), and also listed 764 professional directions for the first time.

Relevant responsible persons said that the reasons for the increase in majors are as follows: First, the industry category has increased. The second is to meet the needs of national key industry development. Third, the undergraduate majors have been adjusted.