In recent years, the school has made full use of the advantages of distinctive disciplines and the advantages of integrated and innovative research, actively undertook the national major special project "big aircraft" demonstration and scientific research tasks, and strived to contribute to the development of national defense science and technology and the national economy. Talent training is at a high level.

Talking about the final assembly of the C919, she smiled easily. "Of course I am very happy and very proud; however, it also tells us that the Chinese aviation industry needs a long process from following to surpassing to leading. . "

On November 2, 2019, Shanghai, China, the eyes of the world focused here.

Professor Song Bifeng of the School of Aviation is one of the aviation experts involved in the joint demonstration of large aircraft. The team he led is mainly responsible for many important research topics in the "Overall Plan Design of Large Passenger Aircraft" project. Speaking of the "Big Aircraft" project, Song Bifeng talked frankly: "Let large aircraft fly to the blue sky is the will of the country and the dream of the nation. It is also the dream of several generations of aviation people at Western Engineering University. Today, the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity falls historically in In our generation, this is really a glorious mission with great responsibility, but no matter how difficult or challenging the road ahead is, we must face it up and take it up. "

Western Engineering University has undertaken dozens of major research and development tasks in the great project of revitalizing the nation, providing key technical support for large aircraft and making due contributions to the development and production of C919.

At Western Tech University, like them, there are still many teams, teachers and students who actively serve the "big aircraft" project. At the same time, the school also has a large number of outstanding graduates each year to enter into such companies as COMAC and AVIC, and together with many alumni, directly participate in the design, development and production of large aircraft.

This day belongs to China's "big plane";

After the national "Big Aircraft" special project was launched, in order to seize the opportunity, Western Engineering University quickly moved to set up a "Large Aircraft Leading Group" to support the whole school and set up a large joint research team of nearly 100 people to actively undertake project research. The school has set up a full-time scientific research management post for large aircraft projects for overall coordination. The school specially approved 1 million yuan for scientific research funding for the start-up funding of large passenger aircraft research. The school cooperated with COMAC to set up a post-doctoral scientific research workstation and a senior talent training center to provide a continuous supply of talents for large aircraft projects. The elite team, backbone teachers, outstanding doctoral students and master students of Western Engineering University devoted themselves to the tackling of key technologies for important projects of "big aircraft".

"In the past, we could only be the listeners of Boeing and Airbus. They told us to learn; now it is different. We have gradually trained in the large aircraft project and have gradually transformed into being able to shake hands and exchange with European and American counterparts. This is very important."

This day belongs to the aviation people who have worked hard to contribute to China's large aircraft;

This day also belongs to the masters and students of western engineering who are fully involved in the large aircraft project "Great Achievements, Aspiring to Exceed".

In the key laboratory of the Aerospace Micro / Nano System Education Department, Professor Ma Binghe from the School of Mechatronics said that the laboratory has built a micro-electro-mechanical system manufacturing platform with international advanced level, and has become China's important micro-nano system research and innovative talent training. base. The team condensed research directions such as smart skin and micro-electromechanical system design, and studied the impact of aircraft drag reduction and noise reduction to obtain important data. "We also hope to give full play to our strengths and contribute to China's large aircraft industry." Ma Binghe said.

It can be expected that, in the historical process of "flying and dancing together" with domestically produced large aircraft, Western Engineering University adults will have a lot to do and will certainly do a lot. (Wang Fanhua)

"I am very excited. As a research and development unit, more than 7 years ago, we at West China University of Technology reported the progress of the project at COMAC. In the minds of many teachers, they are still vividly remembered," said Yang Zhichun, the dean of the School of Aeronautics at West China University. "In the Large Aircraft Project, the School of Aeronautical Technology of Western Technology University has played an important role in wing and airfoil design, anti-bird collision design of civil aircraft, and advanced layout design."

For Bai Junqiang, the youngest professor and instructor of the West China University of Aeronautics, participating in the large aircraft project is even more profound. China ’s civil aircraft design engineers are transforming from the “audience” of European and American giants to the “partners” of international cooperation. .

For the Chinese aviation industry, this aircraft will be an ambitious story.

As a unit that contributes to the development and production of large domestic aircraft, Northwestern Polytechnical University also attended the final assembly of the C919.

There should be even greater surprises in the future.

For many young students of Western Technology University, apart from the annual "Big Aircraft Scholarship", the students are most familiar with the zero test aircraft of the ARJ21 aircraft on the south side of the Changan campus, donated by COMAC for teaching use. Almost every album of the Western Technology University has a photo with the campus plane.

The manufacture of a central flange for a large domestic aircraft C919 is typical of the application of 3D printing technology in the aviation field. According to Huang Weidong, a professor at the School of Materials Science and Engineering of Western Technology University, the central flange is 3 meters long and is a large titanium alloy structural part. As a key part of the wing, China's existing manufacturing capacity cannot meet the demand. If it is purchased from abroad, it will inevitably affect large aircraft. Localization rate. In cooperation with China Commercial Aircraft Co., Ltd., West China University of Technology applied laser three-dimensional forming technology to solve the manufacturing problem of titanium alloy structural parts of C919 aircraft.

It is reported that C919 is a medium- and short-range commercial mainline aircraft with independent intellectual property rights in China. It is also the second domestic large-scale passenger aircraft independently designed and developed by China after -10. It belongs to a single-aisle narrow-body passenger aircraft with a standard range design range of 4,075 kilometers. The increased range design range is 5555 kilometers, which can meet the operational needs of airlines on different routes. Its basic full-economic layout is 168 seats, and its hybrid-level layout is 158 seats.