Innovate the training mode of talents, start the "Benshuo" and "Baoshuobo" through-training reforms, and select each year to form a through-training normal; promote the pilot training of top-notch talents in the basic sciences and humanities, and fully implement the major categories by 2019 to cultivate.

Wuhan University's undergraduate education reform plan has made major reforms and innovations in strengthening public arts and physical education, strengthening innovation and entrepreneurship education, improving assessment and quality assurance systems.

Leading "talented" education with "adult" education

Innovate teaching methods and methods, promote teaching methods such as "large class lectures, small class discussions" and flipped classrooms, and cultivate students' independent thinking and critical thinking skills. Relying on open online courses, using multimedia remote interactive collaboration platform, and mobilizing resources to establish Wuhan University "Mu Course" course platform.

Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan, November 3rd (Reporter Yu Jian) Optimizing professional settings, reducing the scale of enrollment, implementing large-scale enrollment and large-scale training, "broad and master's degree" training, building core general courses, and strengthening innovation and entrepreneurship education ... Wuhan University has launched 63 reforms of undergraduate education in 18 aspects, led the education of "talent" with "adult" education, and accelerated the improvement of the quality of undergraduate training.

In order to change the situation of heavy scale and light quality, Wuhan University has reduced the enrollment scale of undergraduates year by year since 2019. Currently, there are 7,200 undergraduate enrollment each year, and it will be controlled to about 6,500 by 2020. Integrate, optimize and reduce the number of majors, focus on the construction of a group of advantageous and specialty majors. According to the results of professional assessments, 3-5 professional enrollment will be stopped in 2019. After 3-5 years of transformation and adjustment, the majors planned by the school will be reached by 2020 scale.

The reporter learned from Wuhan University's 2019 undergraduate education work conference on the 3rd that from April to October this year, Wuhan University carried out a large-scale discussion on undergraduate education reform within the school, finding out the gaps, finding gaps, forming reform plans, and clarifying research universities. The goal of undergraduate education is to establish a school running philosophy of “talent-oriented, undergraduate education is the root”, and strive to cultivate national backbones and leaders with a strong national spirit and an international perspective.

Wuhan University will restructure the general education curriculum system, formulate general education curriculum quality standards, teaching quality guarantee incentives and withdrawal mechanisms, reclassify and sort out more than 1,000 general education courses, and integrate them into more than 200 boutiques. General education courses, build 50 core general education courses, hold general education lectures every year.