It is reported that 110 students took this course at that time. By the fall of this year, the number of students enrolled in this course has increased to 120. Among them, there are many male students. Male students account for about one tenth of the total.

There are many elective courses in Qihua, and this year is no exception. Xiamen University recently launched an elective course on "Breast Aesthetics", which has aroused widespread debate. At the same time, the society has also begun to pay attention to "atypical" elective courses offered by universities across the country. The areas covered by the courses include sex education, entertainment, life education, and even "new women training courses" for girls.

In addition, various exotic elective courses are emerging in universities across the country. For example, the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China has newly opened a public cooking course "Knowledge" this year, which introduces students to traditional Chinese food culture and cooking ingredients, and teaches students how to make Sichuan dishes. In the course of "Famous Detective Conan and Chemistry Secrets" of Central South University, students are free to switch between learning and "investigating the case", which is naturally greatly appreciated by students, especially "Conan fans". Chongqing Energy Vocational College has also set up "The Recent Development of E-sports and the Analysis of DOTA Teams". Teachers will not only explain the analysis of DOTA characters, team strategies, etc., but also conduct practical exercises through online games.

Suicides among Chinese college students occur from time to time. To this end, many universities in recent years have also offered courses on life and death. Changsha Civil Administration Vocational and Technical College offers a course called "One-stop Funeral Internship". Guangzhou University has also launched a 15-year "Life and Death Class". The class will discuss what is life and death, the quality and dignity of life, disease, aging, and accidents. (Wen / Guangzhou Daily reporter Xu Jing Intern Zeng Fanyi)

Teach you "Be quiet and move like a rabbit"

Elective courses on the theme of "female culture" have been the most popular recently. The Jinling Women's College of Nanjing Normal University offers a "compulsory course for new women", which teaches the common sense of life, personality cognition, makeup and dressing, physiological health care and charm development to create a new era of women. Of course, there is the ultimate problem of teaching the family-how to deal with the relationship between mother-in-law and mother-in-law. The "Cosmetics and Makeup Course" set up by Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications will make you "goddess in seconds"; Southeast University's "Cultivation of Female College Students" will allow students to learn how to become a "sad lady" in the classroom


Teach you to climb a tree, make Sichuan dishes, and teach playing games

Many girls lack relevant knowledge

This year, the "Breast Aesthetics" course appeared in the curriculum of the elective courses of Xiamen University, which caused widespread discussion in the society. Professor Ouyang Zhong, the instructor and director of the Department of Mammology, Xiamen First Hospital, said: "In the primitive society, breasts were only breastfeeding organs. As society changed, breasts had more beautiful functions. In the Tang Dynasty, where fat was beautiful, breasts became more beautiful , But it has n’t been so exaggerated since then. ”However, he now finds that many girls lack knowledge of breasts, so he offered this course in the hope that everyone can learn about breasts to prevent breast diseases.


In fact, the "Breast Aesthetics" elective course is not the first "Wonderful" course launched by Xiamen University. As early as 2019, Xiamen University opened a "Tree Climbing Course", which aims to exercise students' physical fitness.