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The number of students enrolled in the "Minority High-level Backbone Talents Plan" of our school enrolls all candidates from ethnic minorities, not Han candidates.

According to the spirit of the “Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Education on issuing the 2020 National Minority High-level Backbone Talents Postgraduate Enrollment Plan”, our school plans to recruit 6 “Minority High-level Backbone Talents Plan” for master's degree graduates in 2020; of which, 2 in Inner Mongolia, 2 in Guangxi, and 2 in Xinjiang.

Original title: Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University Admissions for 2020 "Minority High-level Backbone Talents Program"

Mailing address: 350002 Fujian Fuzhou Jinshan Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University Graduate Admissions Office

For the enrollment methods of the program (including online registration, on-site confirmation, initial test, and re-examination, etc.), please refer to the `` Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Education on issuing the 2020 Graduate Enrollment Program for High-level Backbone Talents of Ethnic Minorities '' and `` Fujian in 2020 "Admissions Regulations for Graduate Students in Agriculture and Forestry University." Among them, candidates must submit to the education administrative department of the province (autonomous region, city, and corps) before the online report (the one with the civilian education department is responsible for the civil education department, without the civil education department is responsible for the higher education department and other related departments) The "Registration Form for Master's Degree Candidates for the Minority High-level Backbone Talents Program 2020" confirms eligibility. After the confirmation is passed, the education administration department will issue a network report verification code. Candidates participate in online registration as required.

Contact information:

After the online report is completed, candidates must fill in the "Political Examination Form" and complete the relevant formalities for political review. Before November 20, the "Political Examination Form" and the "Registration Form for Postgraduates Candidates for the Master's Program for High-level Ethnic Minority Talents in 2020" should be posted by post. Express delivery to me.

All enrollment majors in our 2020 master's graduate admissions charter can enroll master graduates of the “High-level Backbone Talent Program for Ethnic Minorities”.