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2019 South-Central University for Nationalities' "Minority High-level Backbone Talents Plan" Re-examination Candidate List.doc

If you have any objections to the public list of candidates, please reflect them in the following ways:

Original title: The announcement of the list of candidates for the re-examination of the "Minority High-level Backbone Talents Program" of South-Central University for Nationalities in 2019 (continued)

Graduate School: 027-67843396 / 67842123

According to the `` Notice of the Ministry of Education on Printing and Distributing the Regulations on the Management of Enrollment Work of National Graduate Students in 2019 '' (Teaching (2019) No. 5) and the `` Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Education on Issuing the Graduate Enrollment Plan for High-level Ethnic Minority Talents in 2019 '' (Ministry of Education and Civil Affairs [2019] No. 2) and other documents, according to the spirit of the requirements, according to the provincial plan for the backbone plan candidates for a differential retest, after research and decision, the following candidates participate in the retest.

Central South University for Nationalities Graduate Admissions Office