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In mid-July, at the 8th Manas International Cultural Tourism Festival held in Xinjiang Kizilsu Kirgiz Autonomous Prefecture, more than 2,000 Manasqiqi sang a segment of the heroic epic "Manas", this millennial epic once again Show its unique artistic charm. "Manas was widely circulated on the Chinese land, and it was inseparable from the party and the government's vigorous excavation, inheritance and protection of the excellent traditional culture of ethnic minorities." On August 6, the protection of the intangible cultural heritage of Kezhou (Ma Nasr Conservation Research Centre director Zayul Gumassi said.

In 2006, Manas was included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage representative lists. In 2009, he was selected into the UNESCO "List of Representative Works of Human Intangible Cultural Heritage".

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Known as one of the three epic heroes of the three ethnic minorities in China, there are eight "Manas", the most famous of which is the story of eight generations of heroes from Manas and later generations. It is not only a precious literary heritage, but also an encyclopedia that studies the Kirgiz language, history and folklore.

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At the same time, the state of Croatia continued to increase its publicity and display of "Manas", holding the Manas International Cultural Tourism Festival for 8 consecutive years, and conducting mass concerts and singing competitions. In addition, he co-authored the large-scale original national opera "Manas" with the Central Opera House. The Manas Ecological Protection Park was established in Wuqia County, and the Manas 40 Warrior statue and themed relief were built in the county museum. Aheqi County joined hands with Wuxi, Jiangsu, to jointly create a large-scale national dance drama "Hero Manas".

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In order to ensure that the "Manas" passed on by word of mouth are better protected and inherited, in 2009, Kezhou established the Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection (Manas Protection Research) Center, which has invested more than 10 million yuan for protection and inheritance. "Manas."

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"In recent years, we have tried every means to protect and inherit the" Manas ", to conduct field surveys across the state, to record the" Manas "in text, and to translate them into Chinese, Uyghur, etc. In addition, we have also completed The Chinese translation of the first four (11 volumes) of "Manas" was published, "said Zaire.

At present, Kezhou has cultivated 2 inheritors of intangible cultural heritage at the national level, 5 inheritors of intangible cultural heritage at the autonomous region level, 75 inheritors of intangible cultural heritage at the autonomous prefecture level, and 115 inheritors of intangible cultural heritage at the county level. Established a team of inheritors who combined old, middle and young people, and became the backbone to promote the inheritance of Manas. "We have also launched" Manas "into campus activities, and now many elementary school students will sing" Manas ". Zayer said.