Recently, the author learned from the official website of the National Ethnic Affairs Commission that in 2019 the National Civil Affairs Commission organized the third batch of Chinese minority ethnic village application and review work. After review by the expert group, it is proposed to recommend 595 villages to be included in the proposed name list. Among them, Qingman Miao Village in Mandong Village, Zhouxi Town, Kaili City, and Tunzhai Miao Village in Tunzhai Village, Binhai Town.

It is understood that "Chinese ethnic minority villages" is an honor set by the National Ethnic Affairs Commission to further promote the protection and development of ethnic minority villages and expand the influence and radiant power of ethnic minority village brands. Since 2019, three batches of Chinese ethnic minority villages have been named and honored. A total of 1056 ethnic minority villages nationwide have been commended. These ethnic minority villages not only condense the historical crystals of the cultures of various ethnic groups, but also reflect the diversity of Chinese civilization. It is of great significance to enhance national pride, enhance national cohesion, and consolidate and develop national relations of solidarity and mutual assistance. (Wu Qi)

According to the list, among the 99 minority ethnic villages selected by Guizhou, 32 in Qiandongnan Prefecture ranked first. These selected villages will receive funding from the central government for minority development to support development and protection, and effectively promote economic development in ethnic regions.