1. Standardize management and improve the system

Experiences of Kindergarten Management Regulations

By studying this material, I deeply understand a sentence. If you cherish your feathers too much and not damage them, then you will lose two wings and never fly in the air. Enhancing and moisturizing life is the core of education. My understanding of these two sentences is:

In the kindergarten, the principals of the new semester usually organize teachers to concentrate on their studies. In order to ensure the safe and smooth development of work throughout the semester, familiarity with the "Kindergarten Safety Management Regulations" is essential, even if many teachers already take notes It ’s customary, but the headmaster usually also urges everyone to write another experience, because in kindergartens, safety issues can not be underestimated, teachers must keep in mind, always pay attention, the following is a "Kindergarten Management Regulations Experience" model text, for Teachers reference:

As a teacher fighting at the forefront of education, I will fulfill my safety management responsibilities according to law and law, and work with other teachers to do a good job in kindergarten safety management, seriously serve children, seriously serve parents, and seriously serve society.

2. I think that the connotation of life in the safety management work should be safety education. In the safety education for students, the point is the most important. In order to do a good job in dotization work, we must grasp two points: first, we must find a good entry point for education without losing the opportunity, and second, we must pay attention to the artistry of the method of education and combine the two organically in order to achieve a moisturizing effect.

2. Strengthen Leadership, Stay Safe

3. Combining mission with education to improve quality

1. It is necessary to look at the school's safety management issues from a bifurcated point of view, and to properly handle the relationship between the tube and the tube. You must not only pay attention to the bold and neglecting the careful tube, but also do not dare to simply manage and not dare. Excessively restricting the activities of students and growing children into flowers in the greenhouse.

The kindergarten leaders have an attitude of being responsible to the party's education and being responsible for young children. From the perspective of safeguarding the fundamental interests of the people, social stability, and political stability, they should strengthen their sense of mission and responsibility for the safety of kindergartens. The leaders of the park are all in charge of co-management on safety work, strictly implement the safety work regulations of the park, talk about safety and grasp safety, and eliminate accidents in the bud state. Hold a safety work meeting regularly every month to arrange the key tasks of the next month's safety work, and designate a special person to check and implement the safety work. For example, the basic conditions of our garden are poor. Corrosion and fracture of the fence rails and loosening of the joints; some switches in the park are aging; the steel windows of the classroom are mainly repaired and replaced in time due to the aging of the putty and the glass falls off, thereby eliminating unsafe conditions. Hidden dangers to avoid unsafe accidents. At the same time, food safety work is also an important part of kindergarten safety work.

By studying "Kindergarten Safety Management Methods", I deeply realized that safety is the first condition of all work. We always put safety work first, keeping in mind the importance of safety. It touches the hearts of every child, every parent, every teacher.

The kindergarten safety organization structure is sound, the safety work responsibility system is sound, and the responsibilities are clear. Every semester, the school has established a safety leadership group, and the responsibility is implemented to everyone. The school also signed the "Kindergarten Safety Responsibility Certificate" with the department heads every semester, implemented leadership contracting, piece by piece work, and achieved a combination of irregular inspections and inspections at any time, and established safety assessment rewards and punishment rules and safe work systems. The safety management is networked, which ensures that the safety work of our park is carried out solidly.

Under the leadership of our teacher, the teacher carefully studied the "Kindergarten Safety Management Regulations", which is the legal document of school management. It is the first document issued in the form of a ministerial order of 10 ministries and commissions; For a long time, the Party Central Committee and the State Council have attached great importance to the safe and healthy growth of young children, and the whole society has also paid great attention to it.

The leaders of the park always put safety in the first place. They must talk about safety at every meeting, and talk about safety in everything. They can communicate the spirit and documents of the superior safety meeting in a timely manner, formulate practical measures based on the spirit of the documents, and seriously implement them. For example: Wuxi safety work performance report, notice on the launch of the National Work Safety Month, etc., combining the different content and requirements of the document, making full use of the school's various publicity venues and facilities, and using the collective morning meeting time and size by broadcast Conferences, etc., use a variety of forms to educate staff and young children about safety, especially for young children. All activities in the park also emphasize safety, and safety education must be carried out beforehand. For example, children's outing activities, spring outings, track and field sports games, etc. all require safety.