Tips: Say goodbye to being lazy and letting children have "rule awareness"

Teacher support: Generally, schools will communicate with parents before school starts, and they will also perform some activities of "receiving heart" on the school day, with various activities under the theme of "school". After starting school, everything is on the right track. Generally, children in the upper grades can adapt well. A few children in the lower grades may start to feel tired, but they can basically adapt in a few days.

For the holidays, many students watch TV and play computer, which has formed "TV and computer dependence". The teacher suggested that after the school starts, parents should "invite" instead of "blocking", for example, you can make an appointment with your child and watch only half an hour of TV every day. At half an hour, immediately turn off the TV, so that children have a sense of self-discipline and develop a "rule awareness." In addition, if parents are free, it is best to accompany the child to watch together, to play the role of companionship and restraint. In learning, parents should give more positive encouragement and affirmation to their children. For example, if the child is actively speaking in class or is a little better today than yesterday, parents should give encouragement in a timely manner so that the child can enter the state of learning as soon as possible.

I hope every parent can establish a self-discipline life for their children.

In the blink of an eye, it was another year of the start of the school season. Parents were very happy, because the children could finally go to school, but the children were not happy at all, because they were going to "hard" school. Teachers, looking at all these behaviors of everyone, we are more worried, especially for children in the kindergarten stage. It takes three weeks to start the school season each year to be able to adapt to the kindergarten life. In order to avoid these problems, give Everyone has organized some warm tips for school, I hope it will be helpful to everyone!

Parents spit out in their circle of friends: "Every baby is starting school, parents have robbery, accompany reading, messy, anxious, relieved ...";


"Baby are starting school, please bid farewell to sleepless days from now on! The small alarm clock is set, and the small splint is set! Started! Who is this school?"

Current status of each season:

Children are starting school, and parents are not idle. Wechat friends in school uniforms, breakfast photos, and homework photos are released in the WeChat circle of friends.

At the beginning of the school, another typical state of the students is "slumped", and many students are sleepy and doze in the classroom. How to help children say goodbye to holiday syndrome