In a blink of an eye, one semester is over. We have a new semester. In the new semester, we have a lot of goals waiting for us to achieve. As a school, as a teacher, we have a responsibility and an obligation. Our child has a message in the hope that in the new school year, you can work hard to achieve your goals, but we also put forward some requirements for you, which are related to your child, and please work with us.


To parents: Only the teacher in charge is responsible for the students! Don't expect every student to understand this truth, because they are still just children ~ But I hope every parent understands this truth, because you are not children anymore! Also tell the children how lucky it is to meet a responsible, fair and serious teacher during their growth!

To parents: When you educate your children, you choose to make money, do not discipline your children, and wait for your children to grow up. Your hard-earned money for a lifetime is not enough for him to lose a year! When you educate your children, you choose discipline, company, and so on. When the children get older, you wo n’t make any money in your life. The children will earn a year! Where you pay, you will gain in all aspects. The timeliness of your child's education is too short. If you miss it, you will never have it again! The child is excellent. What do you keep the money for? The child is dead, what do you leave money for!

To the baby: Teachers who ask you harshly, don't be hostile, but be grateful. Because only the responsible teacher will face all kinds of pressures and risks to discipline you or bitterly. He expects you to become better and better, so you don't try to please. This is the paradox of preaching and teaching, and it is also the affection of teachers and teachers.

To the beginning of the school season: mutual understanding, mutual support, three swords in one, home and school win-win!

To the teacher: As a teacher, you will encounter many students in your life. Each student is just one of many students for you. For the student, however, you are the limited teacher he has encountered in his life. You will be the one who opened his thousands of worlds. If you love, please love deeply; if you teach, please go all out.