3. Inspect and repair gardens and facilities.

As the saying goes, "The plan for a year lies in the spring, and the plan for the morning lies in the morning." Only those who can arrange work can work better and have a happier life. For our preschool teachers, it is divided into two times a year. , Spring and fall enrollment, so we must customize a semester plan at the beginning of the semester, so that we can handle education and teaching more handy, here are four aspects for the start of the plan for your reference:

2. Implement summer teacher training programs.

3. Check the health room facilities and medicines, repair or replace.

1. Budget for next semester.


4. Formulate team building plans and personal development plans.

2. Summarize the nutritional situation of children in the last semester, and formulate improvement measures.

Team building

3. Operational training for childcare staff and logistics staff.

4. Arrange the class environment according to the requirements, design area corners, and place area corner materials.

2. Discussion and finalization of early childhood development goals for the first semester of the 2019 school year.

6. Develop a work plan for childcare and health care.

5. Develop logistics work plan and safety work plan.

4. Supplement the list of items required for the next semester and purchase items required for the next semester.

2. Organize fixed assets accounts.

3. Discuss the content and methods of teaching and research next semester.

6. Arrange the environment to achieve a new semester and new weather.

4. Some old parents call by telephone.

5. Do a good job of education and teaching of children staying in the garden.

1. Home visits and parent-child activities for new students.

4. Formulate teaching and research work plans.

1. Develop a teaching and research plan for the next semester and implement responsibilities.

7. Determine the organization of the theme activities for Teacher's Day.

3. Determine the theme for September and develop a theme plan or monthly plan.

4. Check the conservation and health care materials and do a good job of sorting and filing.

3. Develop a parent work plan for the next semester.

Financial logistics

Teaching Research

2. Discuss and formulate basic standards for parents' work in the next semester.

Parent work

1. Do a good job of preventing heatstroke and cooling for children staying in the park, and implement mosquito control measures.

1. Teachers' kindergarten organizes cultural, original courses, day-to-day classes and other operational training.

2. Group discussions on how to take classes during the day.

1. Develop education and teaching work plans and class work plans.

Small childcare


5. Duty training for childcare workers and induction training for new childcare workers.