There is another part, that is, the wall in the classroom. Teachers are the places where children spend a long time, so in the classroom, the wall decoration can be more diversified, more innovative, adhere to the functional and decorative The same principle, kindergarten walls can be decorated with more beautiful cartoons, and the walls must be made into educational things, so that children can better master some basic common sense.

Kindergarten wall layout-interior walls must be educational

In fact, for the kindergarten wall, the inner wall is also a very important part, and it is often a part of many kindergartens to build, because the inner wall is mainly the wall of the hall, the wall of the corridor, etc., which are the most commonly seen by children. To some places, so when these walls are laid out, we can fully consider the educational significance of some special locations, so that children can be dazzled, and can receive education in a subtle way.

Kindergarten wall layout-the outer wall should reflect the characteristics of the kindergarten

The theme wall of the kindergarten is not only a part of the kindergarten, but also a “little teacher” in early childhood education activities. The setting of the theme wall shows the kindergarten culture, and the content of the theme wall will also be silent to the children Passing on knowledge shows that the role of the theme wall in the kindergarten is huge, but as a teacher, what principles should we pay attention to when designing the kindergarten theme wall? Some points to consider:

In the outer wall of the kindergarten, it is not a separate wall, but many times in order to reflect the characteristics of the kindergarten, some very interesting or cartoon drawings are painted, so that people can clearly judge this is kindergarten. Therefore, when treating the kindergarten wall, it is best to use some waterproof paint on the outer wall. Of course, you can also put some kindergarten ideas, slogans and so on.

Kindergarten wall layout-the wall in the classroom should be carefully

In general, the wall layout of the kindergarten can be said to be a major feature of the kindergarten. In general, the principles of cartoon and beauty must be adhered to so that children can enjoy it here.