3, the baby is here.

I hope this lesson plan will be helpful to everyone's teaching activities.

Event preparation

Show the ragdoll. Ragdoll said sadly: "Children play with me every day and make me dirty. Now I'm a dirty doll and no one plays with me!" "Dragdoll don't cry, let us help you!" "

⑷ Invite young children to follow the music to take a bath. The teacher observes the dancing situation of the young children and praises the young children who behaved realistically and in time. Guide the toddler to twist rhythmically with the music.

一点 What will you wipe after bathing at home?

1. "I love bathing" music, slideshow.

Activity goal

结束 After the performance, the children were given "perfume powder". The teacher smelled the children and told them that they were "fragrant".

1. Twist your limbs rhythmically with the music and feel the thrill of taking a bath.

2. Everyone comes to take a bath.

2. Emotions like bathing.

2. One rag doll, one washbasin (replaces bathtub), one soap and one towel.

(3) In the intro part, the teacher shouted, "Baby, take a shower—", while doing the action of twisting the tap, then "soap" each child, and lead the child to twist rhythmically with music.

What do you use for bathing? What do we use in the bath and what do we use for it? (See picture bath supplies)

1. The baby bathes, which arouses the interest of young children.

⑵ Teacher plays as mother and bathes baby. Wow, wow, the faucet sang happily. The mother said, "Baby, baby, it's time to take a bath!" The mother put her baby in the bathtub, wash her hair first, then wash her body. Rub the soap "嚓嚓, 嚓嚓 嚓. Rub the neck, rub the back, slippery bubbles running all over. 嚓嚓, 嚓嚓. Rub your arms and rub your feet, sparkling bubbles fly around the house. The baby is happy Laugh."

activity procedure

How does a puppet take a bath? Ask young children to use words or actions to express.

The small class age period is the key period for children to cultivate good habits. In this period, children are taught to master the correct lifestyle, and the effect of education is more effective. It is relatively novel and interesting. Children can easily reach the goal of teaching activities in music games, which is worth learning by teachers.