I. Online education online registration process:

② Pay the fee according to the guidance of the staff of the General Admissions Office and obtain the examination notice.

① Candidates participating in online education should bring their ID cards, other academic credentials, and one-inch bareheaded photos to the General Admissions Office (Rooms 320-325, 3rd Floor, Jinhua Park, National University Science and Technology Park, South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, Guangzhou) formalities.

③ In the prescribed time, go to the General Admissions Office to obtain an admission ticket.

1. Bachelor's degree starting point: must have a junior college degree in national education series or above, and be at least 18 years old;

2. High school starting point undergraduate: must have a high school, vocational middle school, secondary professional school graduation certificate, at least 18 years of age;

4. Candidates for each specialty in the medical profession must be in-service personnel who have obtained health professional qualifications.

How to get a diploma

Office workers who want to obtain a diploma can obtain it by participating in online education. 是一种通过网络进行教学的继续教育方式,学生通过网络进行学习,只要拥有一台可以上网的电脑就可以上课,而且学习时间可以由学生自行安排。 Because online education is a continuous education method of teaching through the Internet, students can learn through the Internet, as long as they have a computer with Internet access, and they can arrange their own study time. Therefore, it is a very suitable way for continuing education for busy office workers. And now there are 68 online education schools in China, each of which is a nationally renowned key university, most of which are national "211 Project" and "985 Project" universities. ,学历证书经过教育部电子注册,可在学信网上查找相关信息。 After graduation, students can obtain nationally recognized academic qualifications issued by prestigious schools . The academic credentials are electronically registered by the Ministry of Education, and relevant information can be found on the academic letter website.

Second, online education site registration process:

Qualified students can register according to the following process:

② Candidates who have successfully predicted the name online must go to the General Educational Admissions Office to make a camera admission ticket within the prescribed time.

,不同层次需要满足不同条件,具体如下: Online education has opened three levels of enrollment , including higher education, higher education and higher education . Different levels need to meet different conditions, as follows:

Nowadays, companies in the society have relatively high requirements for employees' educational qualifications. If employees want to develop better in the enterprise, they must upgrade their educational qualifications. And online education is a continuing education method that is very suitable for office workers to obtain higher-level diplomas. Below Luozhuang Education Network will introduce you in detail.

3, high school starting point: must have a high school, vocational middle school, secondary professional school graduation certificate, 18 years of age

① Candidates participating in online education can go through Luozhuang Education Network ( ) Make a forecast name.