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What are the schools that Guangzhou Night University can apply for now?

3楼320—325室 2. On-site registration: Room 320-325, 3 / F, Jinhua Park, National University Science and Technology Park, South China University of Technology, Wushan Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

This is the spring registration stage. Students who want to participate in Guangzhou Night University can log in to Luozhuang Education Network to inquire about the details, or choose one of the following three registration methods to register:

1. Online Registration: Click on the website of Luozhuang Education

Guangzhou Night University that can still be registered now includes Nankai University, China University of Geosciences, Fujian Normal University, etc. ,学生毕业后可以获得由这些学校颁发的国家承认学历,学历证书经过教育部电子注册,可在学信网上查找相关信息。 These schools are all popular schools of Guangzhou Night University . After graduation, students can obtain the nationally recognized academic qualifications issued by these schools. The academic credentials are electronically registered by the Ministry of Education, and relevant information can be found on Xuexin. Not only that, the academic content of Guangzhou Yeda University is very high. After graduation, students can get more employment and promotion opportunities after graduation. They can also take postgraduate exams, civil service exams, and professional title evaluations. They can also get the points needed for household registration.

In today's society, especially in Guangzhou, education is really important. It is difficult to develop well without education in society. Therefore, many people in Guangzhou choose to participate in the Guangzhou Night University as an amateur learning method to improve their education. So what are the schools that can still apply now? Luozhuang Education Network will introduce to you.

Night University is actually a kind of continuous education method that uses night time to study, which is very beneficial for busy working people to participate. Guangzhou Night University teaches through the Internet. Students can no longer just use the evening time to participate in learning, they can also use any spare time to arrange learning. Students participating in Guangzhou Night University don't need to go to the designated learning point, they only need to have a computer with Internet access to participate in the study anytime, anywhere.

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